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I've complained many times about Amazon's shipping service, it's the worst in the industry. I demanded that Amazon only use USPS or UPS for my shipments and they have not honored that.

I continually have problems with shipments being late or never arriving at all but Amazon doesn't care and does nothing to fix it. The latest shipment was so-called attempted last night at 20:56 ET. I'm sorry, but that is way too late in the evening and completely unacceptable. As a result they didn't leave the shipment.

The previous shipment never arrived at all because supposedly the box was destroyed in shipping. This is not a one-off, this happens continually.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Pros: I have used amazon many many times.

Amazon Cons: Shipping is the absolutely worst.

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Amazon SHOULD give choices in shipping. They never ever should have done away with the folks that know delivery, UPS, Fed Ex, USPS.

I stopped using Amazon and cancelled Prime. Sadly they are so big it will take a long time for them to realize the huge mistake they made. Amazon delivery has no idea what they are doing. They are the worst.

It's not theft as the issue, but mis delivered packages. How to kill a awesome business?

Amazon delivery is how. So sad.


Issues here too! So many issues recently that I actually did a search to see if others were having similar issues. They need to do something or they are going to lose me and many others as customers


I totally agree! 4/5 past orders have been late.

The last order was shipped by ups so I actually got it in a timely manor. Why am I paying for prime membership???!!


I just canceled amazon prime because of them. I usually had multiple orders every week for me and others.

I don't want them delivering anything i buy. They lie and don't do their job and leave packages in insecure locations. I complained 3 times and it did not do any good so i will not buy anything from amazon that they will deliver. I don't care if it takes longer.

I can't stand the disrespect from those poor employees that are going to hurt amazon. They are a bunch of workers that don't seem to care, maybe because they are under-paid. I can't help that.

Some have been very good but the company in Rochester, NY does not seem to care about the bad ones. It seems they are desperate just to get people to work for them.


Ditto here - I order a ton of "stuff" for my company from Amazon and of all the delivery problems I've had, they've mostly been with Amazon delivery AMZL !


Yes, it is utter *** I’m inside the perimeter in ATL! Now, they tout one day delivery - it’s just a scam.

No excuses. False advertising honesty.


I live at a second floor apt with mobility disability (it wasn't the case when I first signed the contract). They don't even bother attempt to deliver to my door.

They just go straight and leave the packages at the leasing office. God , it's so inconvenient. At least, try to delivery.

So lazy. Perfer USPS.


I agree that Amazon fulfillment shipping is horrible. They never deliver their packages.

I have requested they use either USPS or UPS, but Amazon ignores this. The Amazon fulfillment drivers never deliver.


same with me. i waited all day for them to show up.

then i get a email at 4pm cant make delivery due to driver cant find location. call tech support very friendly he took my cell number so the driver will call me when he was in the area at 8pm/ well 8pm comes and goes i waited to 9pm no call or no show. contact amazon they say delivery tomorrow.

i said don't bother i'm cancelling everything you wont last in this business if you treat your customers in this manner/ all you had to do is give me a call and say hey i'm not going to make it tonight. sorry don't try and deliver food people will starve....


*** service. Repeatedly, I have packages sent to my office because no one is at home to receive the packages, and don't want them stolen from my porch.

My office is in a big office building, always open during the day, and I REPEATEDLY get messages that "No one is avialble to accept package" or some such BS. I am going to have to explore alternatives.


Same here. Ordered a package to be delivered to my place of business which is open 24/7 and the driver said attempted, business closed.

Really. FedEx and UPS and even USPS have no trouble - but Amazon Logistics is crap


Amazon is definitely *** now because they're trying to do their own shipping because they're trying to use local people so that they can build their own shipping so that they can get rid of FedEx and UPS and the local USPS. I've heard that as soon as they're done with the local people that they're paying fifteen bucks an hour or whatever then they are going to have their own people that they pay a *** wage and the delivery service will be more of the same.

I never had any problem with deliveries until Amazon try to do their own deliveries. Another thing that I've noticed is there really *** for auto parts and that you either get the wrong parts or they never come on time and are extremely late or they are packaged *** or broken.


Amazon's delivery service is poor to say the least. In the last 2 years, the only packages that weren't delivered on time or went missing were from Amazon's drivers. I have always had great service with USPS, UPS and Fed Ex.




They're always *** late.


I am also a frequent Amazon shopper and have grown to depend on them. But the Amazon shipping is horrible!!

Every single time it is delayed or lost. Every time!


I couldn't possibly agree more. Half of my packages don't arrive after being "out for delivery" 12 hours or more.

Complaining to Amazon is less than useless.

They simply don't care what customers really want. It's time, past time, to kick them to the curb and shop elsewhere.


Hey here is a solution to all you fine folks that pay for a service and don’t receive..start posting these amazon delivery driver that chunk your packages on social media(if enough of you post these ol JEFF will be forced to do something) AND if enough of you that have delivery problems send a email directly to JEFF BEZOS he and his direct support staff will become aware...his email is JEFF@AMAZON.COM


It's a disaster every time Amazon tries to ship something themselves. Preferred solution for me would be to send it to a locker if they aren't going to use UPS or USPS.


I have video surveillance on the front of my home and have twice documented the Amazon driver taking a couple of steps up my driveway and flinging the package in the general direction of my doorway 60 feet away. Over Christmas, my daughter found her amazon delivered ssd hard drive in the snow 20 feet from mt door.

I'm looking elsewhere to purchase items. Amazon is not the most inexpensive game in town.