Pasadena, California
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I live in Pasadena CA. Apparently our area is at the end of the delivery route each day, often at dusk, so usually if a packages makes it to our CLEARLY MARKED front or back door, it is an exception.

When it is getting dark, the delivery people have, on numerous occasions, said they delivered it and they didn't, or they have thrown it somewhere on the ground near the big bank of mailboxes off our front walk, open to anyone walking by to pick up. Lately, they have also taken to just delivering packages to any old apartment door, so folks in the complex find packages on their porch that belong to another building. Last night late I found a box at my door that was address to a totally different house and apartment number down the street about half a block away.

I honestly believe Amazon pays so poorly (which has certainly been in the news lately), that their employees have no impetus to do a good job. I have on MANY days received delivery to the door with a knock from UPS and FedEx (even the USPS), and then a botched delivery from AMZL.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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