So Amazon told you your problem was caused by a bad third party seller? They said they have to give sellers a chance?

Here is what is really going on Here is how Amazons Scam works: Big data analyze $ amount buyers will not bother to re-mediate. List 400 items all $13.60. After 1,069 orders blame 3rd party seller. Result 50% buyers dont bother, 17% cant figure out remediation.

Avoid charge backs from credit card issuers with Guarantee. Gross Profit $14,538. Re-mediate only the remainder of 33% buyers = (-$4,846) Cost of Goods Sold = (-$0) Net Profit Amazon = $9,692. Keep under $10K max to avoid suspicions.

Is Amazon going to auto-re-mediate all buyers scammed by supposed bad sellers once "discovered"? Certainly not.

Reason of review: Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts and Practices.

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I've had a couple of disputes with sellers and Amazon always gives them a chance to solve it first. The first issue I had was solved by the seller and that was the end of it.

The 2nd was not and Amazon solved it for me after the fact by refunding my money. To not give the sellers a chance isn't fair. First of all, there are reviews for 99% of people out there. Don't buy if they have bad reviews.

Second, if you were a seller and someone lied about you giving bad service, wouldn't you want a chance to defend yourself? Noone would sell here if they didn't represent both sides.


Not sure about your point, but eBay is much more experienced with both buyers and sellers.