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Twice in the past day Amazon has refused to post my reviews and disabled the ability for me to post revised reviews. One review was 1 star because the product, a laptop battery, did not charge.

I did however have a couple positive remarks regardless. The other review was 3 stars for the battery charge port. That worked fine but was manufactured backwards requiring me to twist the wires 180 degrees so it could snap in. In fact other reviews that did get posted said they had the same issue but they still rated 4 or 5 stars.

I took a chance on it anyway because the port was for several laptop models and one review said it fit perfectly for my model. But, Amazon rejected my reviews even though nothing about them violated the terms they claim were violated.

Seems they just dont want any less than average reviews and this is deceptive business practices. The point is, looking at reviews before purchasing isnt going to give you valid information if the reviews are rigged to only be 4 or 5 stars.

User's recommendation: Buy from EBay instead.

Preferred solution: Quit rejecting reviews you don’t like.

Location: Lake Stevens, Washington

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