Brooklyn, New York

I purchased four items a 42’’ TV $537.94, a wall mount $149.00, an IR repeater $34.95 and adapter plates for the mount $18.48 all totaling $740.37. I got the mount because the Amazon rep told me it would fit my TV.

When I received it I noticed that it would not work on my TV without the special adapter plates so I ordered them. When I received the plates it still would not work because of the curvature of the bottom of the Sony TV. So, I sent three of the items back, I had purchased these items with a $200.00 gift card and the rest was charged to my Amex. They would only refund the items to the gift card and are saying that the reason for this is that the mount and IR repeater were shipped before the TV so they were charged to my gift card even though the TV was on the same order.

Soooo, I initially bought the TV from them because I had the gift card. I now have the gift card which will be back to the $200.00 once they receive the third item. If I wanted to use the gift card on the TV my only option is to send the TV back and have them refund my Amex. Then rebuy the TV with the gift card and the balance of the purchase gets charged to my Amex, The problem with that is there’s 20% restocking fee for the TV and around $50.00 in freight to send the it back.

Add that to the freight for sending the other items back and that totals around $170.00 which leaves my gift card worth around $30.00.

I spent over an hour with them on the phone yesterday thru three levels of management and they would not budge on their decision. They suck, so we will spend the card on something else and NEVER do business with them again…..John

Monetary Loss: $537.

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