So I start out using Amazon Prime due to the fact that they have free Kindle owners library and Free movies. I have 2 Tvs in my house both of which are internet capable.

I found out that after paying $75 per year, I can only have one TV activated for that price to watch free prime movies. The Same thing with the Kindle. When my wife bought a kindle, they asked her to open up her own prime account so that she could use the Kindle owners library. If Jeff Bezos think that Amazon is going to make money this way, then he is out of his mind.

Netflix and Hulu don't have the same policy. Anyway, I threatened to cancel Prime and found out that it is non-refundable which ticked me off even more.

I buy about 5-6 items per month online and I have stopped doing it from Amazon since they have invented the sauce to scam mainstream. Stay away from the Amazon scammers!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Location: Brownsburg, Indiana

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Free prime video movie last week is now being charged for this week when I want to watch with my son. Total underhanded scam. Guess Mr Bezos need my $4.99 to add to his $200 Billion.


Theres 3 reasons not to use prime. First is if you don't save the direct link in your bookmarks you won't get back to your account easily.

Second, you have to cancel your debit card to stop them from taking your money. Third, they spam your email because business is business.


So true. First off, they lose packages or they come late all the time, not to mention expired items.

The customer service is the worst, it is Russian roulette on whether the person on the other end can understand what you are saying. The delivery service is the worst, they mangle items, deliver more than once a day when it should be taken care of with one delivery. If you order several items it is almost guaranteed they will lose/delay one of those items, delivering it days later. The Prime Video has gone completely down hill.

Old movies/ TV shows should ALL be free. There is nothing ever to watch. When you get the add on channels they make it impossible to cancel, I have been charged for months all the while canceling over and over. They also have broken categories down so far so they can make several add on channels for different category ie; horror or say British TV which I like very much so they can just make more money.

I try not to get add on channels anymore. There new format is horrible too, on both Prime Video and Amazon. They have branched out too far and are nothing like they used to be.

They have taken down small businesses and know leave us with basically nothing, forcing us to use them no matter what. Amazon needs another company to come along and put them out of business!


Yes - I am cancelling before next month, they are just horrible movies


They've gone down hill! Someone will come along and replace them! They will get kicked off their pedestal!


It's true! There used to be a lot of good movies and now there just aren't any. I think Netflix is winning.


And....I find nothing remotely interesting in their video selection. Most I’ve never heard of!


Amazon prime video SUCKS more than any other streaming service!!


I hate amazon prime video. 1.

It keeps buffering when I'm watching any 4K videos. I have both 100 mbps up and down Internet and have no issue with Netflix. 2. It never remembers what I'm watching.

I have two Apple TVs. I have to search and find the movie or TV I watched on one of them when I go to another room and trying to continue watch it. 3.

It never syncs or remembers where I stopped on same movie or TV. It keeps playing the same movie or TV I'm watching on one device from the beginning if I switch to another device.


I HATE AMAZON VIDEO!!! Streaming is absolutely the WORST!

So tired of the buffering and the useless interface!

They may be making money off of 1st year subscribers but they can burn after that. YOU SUCK Jeff


Amazon prime video sucks. I start watching Justified after 4 seasons after start getting into it, all of it goes to pay.

Even the seasons I just watched for Free. Same with The Closer. 4th season went to all pay. They hook you then pay or no more shows.

$29.95 a season.

Rip off. I dumped prime.


Totally agree, first season free, all the rest you have to pay????


I hate amazon, bet you don't see this coz I'm on a kindle, but I cursing do, good on ya for getting this out on web


They suck. Was watching brotherhood season 3, had 2 episodes to go and amazon just takes the show off prime why!!!!


Screw amazon, the sell a lot a fake stuff and it is hard to tell. They don't really care.


I love paying for additional channels and having to repeatedly sit through ads for the show I am currently trying to watch. Cancelled Amazon Prime along with my Stack subscription


Prime video sucks. There are virtually no free movies.

Its supposed to be a perk of paying a stupid amount of money for free and fast shipping that is rarely fast. You can't tell which movies are free even of your search free the crab still isn't free.

Amazon is soooooo stupid. I hate it!!!!!!!


The reason amazon prime network sucks is that Jeff Bezos no longer lives in this planet. If he did he would quit cancelling programs we like and stop purchasing the crap we don’t watch. Look Jeff I know mars is beautiful but point your satellite down here on earth and look at the crap you cronies are putting on Amazon.


cancelling my prime membership. its horrible. absolutely nothing for the yearly overpriced membership.


I have NEVER had so many problems watching a movie that I PAID to rent. I continuously have problems with the movie stopping for minutes at a time. It is SO FRUSTRATING