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So I start out using Amazon Prime due to the fact that they have free Kindle owners library and Free movies. I have 2 Tvs in my house both of which are internet capable.

I found out that after paying $75 per year, I can only have one TV activated for that price to watch free prime movies. The Same thing with the Kindle. When my wife bought a kindle, they asked her to open up her own prime account so that she could use the Kindle owners library. If Jeff Bezos think that Amazon is going to make money this way, then he is out of his mind.

Netflix and Hulu don't have the same policy. Anyway, I threatened to cancel Prime and found out that it is non-refundable which ticked me off even more.

I buy about 5-6 items per month online and I have stopped doing it from Amazon since they have invented the sauce to scam mainstream. Stay away from the Amazon scammers!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Prime video sucks. There are virtually no free movies.

Its supposed to be a perk of paying a stupid amount of money for free and fast shipping that is rarely fast. You can't tell which movies are free even of your search free the crab still isn't free.

Amazon is soooooo stupid. I hate it!!!!!!!


The reason amazon prime network sucks is that Jeff Bezos no longer lives in this planet. If he did he would quit cancelling programs we like and stop purchasing the crap we don’t watch. Look Jeff I know mars is beautiful but point your satellite down here on earth and look at the crap you cronies are putting on Amazon.


cancelling my prime membership. its horrible. absolutely nothing for the yearly overpriced membership.


I have NEVER had so many problems watching a movie that I PAID to rent. I continuously have problems with the movie stopping for minutes at a time. It is SO FRUSTRATING


Bough prime back when it was free next Day delivery. Must have missed a memo cos I've just read prime doesn't guarantee free 2 day delivery!

On top of that the fact your paying for prime and STILL have to pay per view for prime movies is a *** take. Canceling my prime...waste of money.


Amazon Prime is junk. Says it's my internet connection, but everything else works perfect and I have the highest internet you can get. So it is a problem with Prime.


The streaming entertainment service offered through Amazon Prime is mostly a way to get you to buy movies and shows, as the "free" content generally sucks. This is no different from Netflix having mostly lousy content, and no different from your cable company offering 200 channels crap.

Streaming has improved precisely nothing.

The only difference is that now you get to choose "on demand" the piss-poor entertainment you're wasting your life on. Would someone PLEASE inform silicon valley that the whole purpose of technology is to MAKE LIFE BETTER?!


Amazon Prime Video is the worst, worst movies ever


Actually they're now almost as bad as Netflix!


might *** well go to ebay, same ***


Amazon sucks. After 3 defective TVs they wont upgrage my TV unless I send it back first to reimburse my card then they will upgrade my tv. They dont care about consumers.


Amazon should have a class action suit filed against them, they are fraudulently selling their streaming service, if you cannot stream what the *** did you pay for?? This should be SHUT DOWN.




Right on the money. No pun intended. I pay for the right to pay for content.


Their service is absolute *** anyway, just bought HBO to watch GOT and it would play for 30 seconds and buffer for two or three minutes. Amazon over promised this service and does not have the ability to deliver what they have sold, it is no less than fraud IMO. BUYER BEWARE - AVOID AMAZON VIDEO.


Nothing but Z movies. You have to pay to get a decent one. Bogus.


It DOES suck... and it is composed entirely of B-Moves, and worse.


Yes we agree it's a scam. This won't play through Roku Canada.

Then they ripped us off when we cancelled prime. I reportedly them to the BBB. Everyone should. Amazon consumer beware.

Just one amazon rip of means they stole from many. F'ers


They don't have many prime movies to watch anymore and their rentalsare very high.The price for older movies is a dollar or two cheaper than somenew releases, which are 5 dollars at a lot of retail stores.Amazon is getting verygreedy! I know I won't be renewing my membership next year.


Amazon video is absolutely horrible! Everytime I watch a movie and hit rewind or fast forward itfreezes!

To the point where the only solution is to unplug my blu ray player and plug it back in!Very annoying! Netflix and vudu flawless!J.S