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Many of you are already aware of the drastic changes that are taking place with Amazon.com come September 30th. If you are currently selling with an Amazon Professional Seller account you should have received an email notifying you that as of September 30th all Professional Sellers will be required to fill out a 1099 form from the minute you set up a Professional Seller account or else you will lose your selling privileges. In order to further enhance online credibility amongst Amazon Professional Sellers Amazon is taking the necessary steps to prevent many of those who are currently selling, from selling in the future. This change alone can be very detrimental to your business or businesses both now and in the future. How ever ,there are solutions to getting around this new tax information policy .

1.Use a family members SSN

(cons) Amazon accounts get suspended left and right for petty reasons,and once you use a family members ssn it can never be used again.Do you have enough family members to receive an unlimited supply of SSN's?

2.Get a Ein from legalzoom.com for $78-$100

(cons)Lets say your like me,and run 5 accounts at a time from the same computer all unlinked with stealth methods.Each account you create needs a different ssn/ein,but you dont have that many

family members or buy ein's are too expensive to buy one for each account.Especially if one account gets suspended right away,then you waste a lot of money on something you cant ever use again.

3.Or you have my solution I personally been using to get around amazons tax info policy for years.You'll never have to worry about this issue again.You will be set for life.However I keep my personal method secret,because if too many people knew it would spoil it for me.So I am only letting a few people know my secret for getting around Amazons new Tax id info policy.I will charge for this info ,but it will be more cost efficient to pay once for the info i'm giving you than to spend hundreds on Ein's just for them to get suspended.Message me at tking0688@gmail.com if you are interested in my secret solution to solve this amazon problem.

In light of this situation here are a few Q & A's that you need to be aware of for the sake of your business and your businesses future with Amazon.

How Can This Affect My Business?

Have you been in business selling on Amazon.com for some time now? What would happen if your listings were taken down today and you couldn't sell again until you got a new computer, ip address along with another 30-60 days of work ahead of you before you can even list again? Well, up until the answer is easy….sign up with TSmith Consulting and find out how to get your account back in action within a day or two. However, with recent changes made to the requirements in establishing an Amazon Professional Seller account the new requirements have made it even harder. Now you need to immediately come up with another social security # or EIN and if you don't make a number of other necessary changes your new accounts will just be suspended. You may ask yourself, "what if I just set up another EIN or Employee Identification Number?" First off, each time you purchase an EIN from the government you are charged $100 not to mention that if the necessary steps aren't taken when setting up this account you are just looking at another suspension which can get real expensive real fast. What if I use my brother's social security# or sister's? Well, unless you have EVERYTHING figured out with establishing a new Pro Seller account each of those social security numbers are going to be wasted with the cancelling of each account. This new policy can and will undoubtedly put thousands of online Amazon businesses out of business for good.

Why is Amazon Doing This?

Have you ever had your Amazon Professional Seller Account suspended? If you haven't had the pleasure don't think it will not happen to you because it will. If you have read any online Amazon forums or articles you will get a clear cut understanding that it doesn't take too much to get suspended on Amazon as a professional seller. Amazon is very strict with adhering to the 5 star customer service that they provide to their buyers not sellers. This means that as a seller you already have a few strikes against you going into business on Amazon.com. So whether you are a new seller or a long-term seller at some point the reality of being suspended takes shape. The big question is "what are you going to do about it?" Amazon has a large number of shareholders that they must answer to each quarter and keeping a tight grip on the type of sellers allowed on their website is something they work consistently at doing. Their end goal is keeping Amazon.com as clean as possible and if that means keeping you from setting up more than 1 professional seller account then so be it. This new policy of asking for a social security # or EIN # right away will, in fact, drive a lot of sellers away because plain and simple they are out of options. If they haven't already invested a little bit of time into TSmith Consulting's Amazon Stealth teachings they will not get past the first door in trying to remain anonymous. Secondly, after the new stealth account is set up they are not sure of how to obtain another social security # or how to even keep their cost down when investing $100 each time with the purchase of a EIN # through the government. That's why we are writing you today to let you know that TSmith Consulting is, as always, one step ahead of the rest.

Is There a Solution or Solutions?

Yes. Thankful TSmith Consulting provides several consulting services that assist with Amazon online seller support which includes but are not limited to:

- Service A: Offering services that provide suspended sellers an opportunity to start selling immediately after being suspended and how managing ghosts accounts is the only smoothest and most cost effective way to sell on Amazon.com long term. TSmith Consulting will show you why running 2 to 3 professional seller accounts at the same time while keeping them unlinked from each other is the best way to not only gain an edge on your competitor but it also always you to keep selling in the event that you should ever have another account get suspended.

- Service B: Imagine if you didn't have to get down on your knees and beg customers to leave you feedback on sales anymore? Our new service allows our Professional Sellers to buy it in bulk 10-50 feedbacks at a time all from different buyer accounts unlinked to each other. Positive feedback is guaranteed when purchasing in bulk from TSmith Consulting. Finally, it's a well known fact that the more feedback listed on your professional seller account the likelihood of that account lasting longer becomes greater so start planning your long terms seller goals and initiatives.

- Service C: Finally, our most recently added service includes a consulting fee that puts you in the right direction with regards to getting a new effective way of pleasing Amazon on the upfront when looking for your personal or business information. If you are more interested in getting up and running and less interested in spending $100 -$500 depending on how many EIN#'s you need to go through before finally getting a new account that does suspend itself then listen to what we have to offer. If you decided to take the other route in listing your siblings or relatives social security #'s you are really limiting yourself and the minute you have a couple more suspensions under your belt you will ultimately be back and square 1. Save yourself the time and headache and do it right from beginning. Listen to what we have to offer before starting on a road that create a dead end for you and your business. Our proven method is only available for qualified Amazon sellers and is not available for everyone. Please notify us if you are interested and we will notify you whether or not you qualify.

Fee Schedule

Payments are made through paypal where you have buyer protection for your money. Please leave a contact number for me to call or message me via Skype at "mrworth401". Please leave me a message on skype if I'm not readily available. Finally, my facebook is https://www.facebook.com/trey.w.king?ref=tn_tnmn send me a request.

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Amazon had banned me weeks back and caused me to lose over $4000 a month in income. I had no late shipments, no negatives or disputes of any kind.

Yet they still banned me with no appeal?

Unbelievable. Being with them for several years and good standing account is not enough protection from a suspension.

I had to contact Auction Essistance to help me get back on to earn back on what I have made previously.


In short, if you have a Social Security Number (SSN), you may apply for a Federal Tax ID (also called Employer Identification Number) for free here: https://sa.www4.irs.gov/modiein/individual/index.jsp

However, if you do not have a Social Security Number or an ITIN, the following steps should be followed:

1. Have a business lawyer act as a third-party designee for your business

2 The business lawyer will prepare Application for Employer Identification Number (Form SS-4) on your behalf


The business lawyer will receive your EIN on your behalf.

Read more here: http://www.einexpress.com I have successfully received Federal Tax ID (also known as Employer Identification Numbers) for more than 70 non-US applicants without a social Security Number. Feel free to contact me at info@einexpress.com if you need to get a Federal Tax ID (or EIN) without a Social Security Number.


Now Visit Axtron.org for any amazon seller related Issue you can possibly have,suspension ,reviews ,seller accounts ,Feedback,you name it we have it or can point you in the right direction.Also Sign up for our new Amazon suspension Prevention software guaranteed to reduce risk of linking amazon accounts.


How does your method effect taxes? If I use a family members SSN and make more than 20k, the IRS is informed by Amazon and my family member is now liable for that tax.

EIN would link back to me and I'd be liable for the tax.

I know the system can be gamed to get back on, but will the tax requirments cause any issues with getting back on? I would buy my way into stealth accounts if I knew I could sell and not have to worry about taxes.


Your going to have to pay taxes no matter what the work around is ,there is no way to avoid that.


Lol This is not a matter of hope,Im amazons worst nightmare .And a sellers best friend.Amazon is stuck with me forever lol and the 100 other suspended sellers Ive gotten back on amazon this year alone.And best part is that none of it is illegal.Dont let Amazon run small businesses to the ground.


So...You are selling people a way to cheat the system, correct? I sincerly hope you are banned from Amazon permanently. XOXO