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I rented a college textbook from amazon. No issues with reviving the book, it was exactly as described and in gently used condition.

The book new was listed for $148.00 and the rental was 79.00 .... Fair enough.

when I completed the semester I noticed the cover and binding were not securely joined. Perhaps this was preexisting, it was barely noticeable in any case.

Amazon received my return and sent me a rejection notice claiming the binding was torn. I was charge $248.00 for the book and it was returned to me. When I opened the book the binding was ripped completely off the book and several pages were maliciously disturbed from the actual binding. It is important to note the difference between cover and binding...the cover is glued to the binding and the binding keeps the pages glued together.

My received return has every indication that the amazon associate who received my return aggressively destroyed the cover, tearing it from binding and damaged multiple pages. I attest with all honesty the book was returned in a satisfactory condition.

I am pissed i was charged $100 more than the book cost new, and that amazon went extra steps to further damage the book. This behavior is unprofessional, childish, and deceitful. I am an adult student, have a degree already, and a faithfully honest person.

After being a happy amazon customer for years I will no longer do business with this company...buying or selling. I will also share my frustration with as many people as possible.

Monetary Loss: $248.

Location: Ponte Vedra, Florida

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I had the same problem!!!!