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Hello my name is Trey King ,and In just 2012 I've helped close too 100 suspended amazon sellers get back on amazon.I've been running this amazon service for a while now ,and I am soon going too be releasing an official website for it soon.My true specialty doesn't just rely in getting people back on amazon ,but doing what no other stealth Master has seemed to accomplish.Which is running multiple accounts from the same computer with out being linked by amazon.Most people will tell you is a little talk about changing ip addresses ,and different billing addresses,plus credit cards.But little do these people know they are wasting there time.But they will find out shortly,when they get suspended again.Amazon is no joke when it comes to knowing who is exactly on their website,the information they gather on us will make it basically impossible to figure out how to get back on with out either spending a arm and a leg or finding someone to tell you half fast information.Even the books being offered online only touches base,and they only know the hard tactics such as buying a brand new computer,buying a new router and ect along those lines.Now ,I am not a rich guy so i cant afford to buy new computers everytime amazon decides to suspend me.Over the last few years I've become a master at amazon stealth ,added my own methods which you cant find anywhere besides the people i've taught.I even managed to use my stealth methods to create my own amazon positive feedback,which is the true reason that I am here writing this post for you amazon sellers .

This is a chance to take advantage of the Amazon system ,and use my stealth methods to build your account 5 times faster than you would naturally.Anybody who has sold on Amazon knows well how important and serious they take feedback.Amazon has suspended many people for lack of positive feedback,or for simply having a *** customer leaving negative feedback's carelessly.And as a seller you know how hard it is to get buyers to leave positive feedback,but they will quickly leave a negative at the first feeling of being unsatisfied.Amazon will compare the amount of positive feedback to the negative feedback and create a percentage in your Order Defect rating.And if your ODR drops low enough they will surely suspend you or put your account under a review for 30 or more days,where they hold all payouts.Feedback also plays a major role in your velocity limits ,meaning how much your allowed to sell in a certain period of time.That's the difference between sellers who are allowed to make 70 to 100k a year ,and sellers who cant even make 1000 without being stopped by amazon.You have to get your feedback up,and the faster you do it,the less issues you will have.

I've managed to make so far close to 100 buyer accounts under all my stealth methods.Every buyer is its own buyer,and i've used this in the past to build my own seller feedback.I am now offering this service to other sellers who want a fast solution.It is perfectly safe for your account and can not be figured out by amazon.It will look as if buyers naturally brought your items,and left positive feedback on your account.

I am selling $5 per feedback for any orders of 10 and under,and $3 per feedback for orders of 11 and up.I have no minimum orders,but have a maximum order of 25 feedbacks within a 2 week range.You must also cover for the money i will be using to pay for your items .This will work by finding naturally cheap items on amazon for example a package of pencils,and selling them at a low cost plus the shipping.Remember this money you will receive back during your amazon payment cycle.Once again my name is Trey King add me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/trey.w.king,send me a text 4014001340,email me tking0688@gmail.com ,or skype me at mrworth401

Lets Beat amazons *** together!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Website.

Location: East Providence, Rhode Island

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Too much sounding like a scam. Read numerous reviews on these people and most good ones are paid for and the rest are negatives.

Would not trust these people. I found better reviews from sellers on the Aspkin forums and Auction Essistance.


I want to buy 5 positive feedbacks for my amazon acct




Now Visit Axtron.org for any amazon seller related Issue you can possibly have,suspension ,reviews ,seller accounts ,Feedback,you name it we have it or can point you in the right direction.Also Sign up for our new Amazon suspension Prevention software guaranteed to reduce risk of linking amazon accounts.


trey is a very honest guy! sometimes he doesn't get back to you right away..just be patient, he comes through.

Majority of users usually got suspended because of poor reviews, but Amazon is strict and can be a bully not letting people at least try again. I feel they should just suspend you and give you another chance instead of shutting you down. Well thank God for Trey learning enough about what to do to get you back on. It is NOT the same info as you youtube...NO WAY.

You need Trey to do it plain and simple! There are too many steps that you need to follow. Follow his instructions and you will be fine.

He is great at his craft and I call what Amazon does to people a crime, not what Trey does. To chase the rat, you gotta be the rat!


Break the law ?Have you ever even read a law book?Everything i teach and services I provide comply with all laws,they are done by using work around.No fraud no deceit.And so far I've helped hundreds of amazon sellers remain amazon sellers.So if Im a *** for that o well,everything is still legit whether you like it or not.


Gee what a *** you are teaching merchants to break the law. you belong behind bars.


Goodpeople,most people I help get back on amazon don't get kicked off because of running scams.Most people were running legitimate businesses making anywhere between 20k-500k per year with amazon.I find most cases of suspension by amazon not to be a fit punishment.Ill admit some sellers deserve what they get.But most amazon suspensions are not that.Amazon is a company wanting to be an empire,they have their own goals and hidden agendas.They play favorites amongst certain sellers.And wont hesitate to cut off a hard working seller just to benefit their own plans of becoming the next online walmart.Another 10-20 years and amazon will be a totally different company than it is today.


As someone who was recently 'terrorized' via emails by an established Amazon Seller with excellent ratings cause I dare to complain and seek an adjustment because what was sent was not what was represented at the time of the order why shouldn't Bad Sellers be banished forever from Amazon? Obviously Amazon has plenty of dishonest if not psychotic sellers in its mist they should get rid of. Amazon needs to step up its efforts to get rid trouble Sellers. As a Buyer, Amazon Customer Service covers for bad Sellers, Had my Bad Seller been running a brick and mortar store the local police would of taken the guy off to jail after taking money for something he didn't have.

Amazon Sellers CHOSE what they sell and Amazon Sellers CHOSE the price to sell it at. An Amazon Seller is guaranteed no bad checks or credit card rejections - they get their money up front. If those same Sellers decide after they take a Buyers money to not honor their promises they shouldn't be able to hid behind a computer screen.

Life is a bumpy road. Deal with it. Whining and dishonesty will will take you nowhere good. Try going to Church regularly and when not in Church doing volunteer work. You think you have issues now? Wise up otherwise your going to end up in a jail cell.


The moneys not up front and it is devastating if some arsey customer that shouldnt even buy the item to then complain what they paid for it....loses a person their only form of income. And for me as a single mum that would be devastating.


it is up front...what you talkin bout, mersey tunnel mouth?


Ty if the amazon account last as long as a month til you had issues how would it be my fault.I can see if the reason for your suspension was because of a linked account,but yours was because of failed account review.You made too much money on your account without getting any feedback.Just because your using a stealth account doesnt make you invincible to the rules of amazon .You still need to go by their policy's to not be suspended.Your fault for suspension is your own which is why i didnt offer a refund .And you paid for my services almost 60 days ago,which means you account has been up way longer than a month before it was suspended.You been a ridiculous client since we started,you got your new account.EVen was able to sell ,made a ton of money fast but never got any feedback from your buyers.Then tried to blame me when amazon gave your account an review.All amazon sellers know accounts go under review when you don't keep a certain odr rating.


This guy is a fake, all the information that he will gave you you could find on youtube, i have been stolen from him, i payd, and 1 month later my account was closed, and he said its not my responsability, what a *** guy, he suposed that warranty the service, but you dont have to pay everything is online and FREE !!!, i fall on his trap, but now i know. Be aware from this guy: Trey Worth King or MrWorth


Its not me who Is missing out since your choosing my grammar as a reason for not enhancing your business.Good business priority ,wish you tons of success


I have not seen such terrible spelling and grammar as yours in a long time. In fact it's so terrible I wasn't able to read what you've written.... I wouldn't give you a dime for your "stealth services!" :?


I been running services for over a year now never had 1 unsuccessful client out of hundreds.The sucess of amazon is not what sellers or suspended sellers care about.They care about whats going into their pocket.Amazons policys were made to benefit amazon not us.So when they suspend us for minor reasons,they take the income that we use to feed our familys ,pay our bills.So its not about stooping to any levels,its about doing what you have to do to get by.If amazon loses clients,its a o-well to us sellers,there will be another amazon for us to move on to just like it started with ebay.When ebay got strict sellers went to amazon.Just a repeated system,and no ammount of money in the world can change the laws of science.Amazon can only do so much to try to stop us,but theres always a way.


Where theres a will, theres a way, theres always a *** way.


Efforts to artificially enhance seller reputations leave too much room for the sharks and wolves among sellers to find ways around the protections in place for amazon buyers. The rules at Amazon may be tough but lowering those standards leaves buyers open to bad service.

The buyers' trust in Amazon sellers is THE reason this company is in business. Rock this boat and sellers will find somewhere more secure. Without happy buyers there would be no amazon, no mecca for sellers. Don't ruin the balance - it works.

You'll find yourself with a useless system for a non-existent site.

I'm sure amazon insiders will have this blatant ad on their radar & as soon as you sell one of them your book or 'stealth' practices you'll be discovered and your system dismantled. You don't think a mega-million organization like this has hacker-types on their payroll to protect their sizable interests?


I wouldn't pay for that service. It's too expensive, I'd probably buy a book that explains how to beat amazon though. Of course you wouldn't sell that because then idiots wouldn't pay you your high dollar positive feedback prices.


I recommend you advise other sellers to stop being *** about effin people over. I hope the seller that sent me expired products was suspended...

she promised to refund me. or ship me new products... she did neither... I have no problem submitting positive feedback because I work in an industry that structures my Performance around customer opinion...

Irecommend you look at your fellow sellers and encourage. them to do good business!