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Where does Amazon get the nerve suspending sellers with well-establish accounts.Over 3 years I been selling with them with over 60 positive feedback,and one day boom!I receive an email saying That Amazon has suspended my account,and that the decision is final.I can never sell on amazon again.So what was I suppose to do .Its amazons site and they have the right to kick anybody off when ever they like.But I have a family to feed,so am I suppose to let them starve if amazon has been the main source of my money.I would never let that happen.

It took a couple of months before I figured out how to get back on and selling at full speed again covering every angle that amazon looks for.And i been running 3 amazon accounts from the same computer for over 2 years.Never suspended again!This was for the before the books you find on this subject ever came out.A couple of the authors who've put out them get back on Amazon books received most this information from me through private chats with in forums,tho I wont take all the credit.But most stealth accounts coming from them guides,never last more than 3-6 months.Its because the authors fail to tell you key points to making your accounts last ,passing amazon seller reveiws.

After you get suspended Amazon's data base logs all of your information that you have ever used with them during your account.IP address,email account,billing address,phone number ,and cookies.Now you might say that I can find a way around all of that and Amazon will not be able to Link me.OH Really!So what can you do about your Hardware's mac address they can read.Meaning you cant ever use the same computer again with them,or the Browser fingerprinting they do.

Getting back on amazon is all based on strategy.Once you figure out the strategy you will have lasting accounts.My name is Trey King.I run a service that gets suspended sellers from amazon back up and running with in a day or two.I will walk you through step by step until you are back to selling again .Through my methods there is no way amazon will be able to link you and they are completely ethical and legal.I will show you the cheapest and smoothest strategy to running many amazon stealth accounts from one computer.I've been running 3 sellers account from 1 computer for over 2 years.Never linked ,never suspended.How ever I do charge a small fee,nothing back breaking!But trust me it is well worth all the information , guidance, and advice you will receive.I am willing to prove my identity.

Fight back against amazon and show them you cant be stopped by their unethical business practices!

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Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Visit online http://axtron.com.

Location: New York, New York

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