I bought a computer from a company called online pc from amazon. It was listed as new.

Further it was a gift for my 70 year old mother in law who lives alone. When it arrived it was full of dirt in every crack and crevice that can be seen and dead skin surrounded the power button. I asked only that the seller pay to have the item picked up at their expense.. As my mother in law cannot lug the 50 lb monstrosity around.

This request though fair in my mind.. Was denied flat out. So I contacted amazon and was assured that my money is safe with their a to z guarantee. Now mind you i sent photos of the computer condition and everything i have showing it was listed as new.

Amazons response was to give me 3 days to respond with return information or they would close my claim so this seller is being rewarded for what is entirely their wrongdoing...

Further this same seller is still listing computers as new that are exactly what they sold to me.. And have increased the price i also sent amazon a screen shot of this and the listing is still there..

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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