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I have ordered a ps3 Jan 7th 08!! I was emailed order was shipped on Jan 9th 08.

Its now Jan 27 08, no product!! Amazon C. service states because I have purchased from the marketplace I have to wait till Feb 1st 08 for filing a claim. All I want to know is, Why have a shipment date, yet no type of proof of shipment has been surfaced to me.

I have emailed 18 times, and no replies from this seller. C. Service states they can't help me until after feb 1st 08. Amazon, you know what will help me???

Communicate with your seller, require shipment tracking confirmation. Require you sellers to reply to customer's emails. P.S.

Take a look at ebays requirements and policies, maybe you all might learn something!!!

Monetary Loss: $399.

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All equipment sold at best buy for directv is leased, it says so ON THE BOX THE RECEIVE COMES IN as well as IN THE PAMPLETS THAT YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO GRAB and not to mention ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BEST BUY RECEIPT.

But hey who can expect idiots that this country for some reason calls 'consumers' to read?? No wonder this country is in a recession, it is controlled by complete ***