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On two occasions with separate accounts Amazon decided to block my review capabilities and profile editing.

The 1st time I was ranked 7000th for reviews with over 50,000 views. I noticed Amazon had hijacked some of my reviews for products I never purchased.

After numerous complaints to customer service with no resolution they blocked my account (Honest Reviewer)

The 2nd time (one year later) customer service told me they couldnt reinstate review capability on that account and I had to create a new account to be able to review my purchases. So I did just that and purchased 64 items in 2021. My review rank went from 7,000,000 to 2,600,000 in 1 month and Amazon blocked that account (US-Patriot) stating there was unusual review activity and blocked the 2nd account.

Ive submitted many requests for Amazon to be specific on any guidelines Ive broken (I havent) and I get the generic cut and paste answers with no resolution.

Im not affiliated with any company, Im not trying to be an Influencer nor do I receive free merch for reviews.

I only review what I purchase for myself.

Check out the profiles for yourself. HONEST REVIEWER and US-Patriot.


User's recommendation: Buy somewhere else.

Preferred solution: Return my review capability that was unjustly taken away!.

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