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Amazon (Synchrony Bank) sent me statement to other Address, of course I never get it, because someone left my mail outside, I just get the statement, I own $35.00 but they want that I pay $106.84 now, I call then to pay what I spent but now said that I have to Pay more that 3 times that, is not my fault if they send me the bill to other address. and I'm agree that pay what I spent.

so greedy. Amazon said that sent me emails, the question is who open thousand of email they send to your email account, is not fear, and they approve credit card with out any authorization.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Credit Card.

Reason of review: store Credit Card .

Monetary Loss: $72.

Amazon Pros: Easy to buy.

Amazon Cons: Not sent me to many emails to my account.

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"of course I never get it"

But you knew you owed them some money and didn't bother to get online like you are now and find out why you didn't get a bill.

Sounds like you horsed around and racked up a few past due payments(perhaps with late fees). Since you didn't make these payments in the past, the money should be sitting right there ready to go.