I sold a book on Amazon.com on Feb 15, 2011 under order number (104-8637594-3794640). After three months and 18 days, the message I received on June 03, 2011 through amazon says the buyer did not receive the shipment. I replied on the same day that this is unacceptable claim according to amazon policy. According to Amazon policy the buyer have no right to make a claim after 90 days. I did not receive any further reply from the buyer afterwards. On Jan 27, 2012, Amazon after waiting so long till my account increases took my money saying that they are refunding the money. The message I received from Amazon says, the reason is misrepresentation on amazon. This is totally false.

1. The buyer never claimed for misrepresentation. This reason is given by amazon to steal my money.

2. Amazon representative wrote me that they did not receive my e-mail but I have the e-mail.

3. According to amazon policy, they cannot accept any claim after 90 days.

4. The opinion they suggested said, there is no tracking number but amazon never forced any seller to use tracking number.

5. Amazon has collected its share of money from the sales I made but never returned that.

6. the reply from amazon is not able to give any explanation except saying that the money is paid so there is nothing we can do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Location: East Brunswick, New Jersey

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hey amazon is corrupt all the way I sold a tablet I ship it priority mail according to the tracking it was mail at the address provided.the buyer saids I know it saids delivered but is no where to be found.I open a a case and submit my evidence amazon issue a full refund to the buyer so she keeps the money and the tablet amazon is sucks


Ah and her email address is amazon market place.com amzon took part of the cake or what.foolow up message


Amazon deposited my money in another person's account and now tells me, a month after I told them to stop the transfer, that the money is gone. Now what?


Yes….They play Dirty!

I am the product development manager for an online company. We decided to become a seller on Amazon….BAD IDEA! The only reason that Amazon allows other sellers to participate is to steal good ideas. We have a very niche product, and as soon as Amazon saw how well we were selling, they contacted the manufacturer, and started selling our products…and undercutted our price…UNDER OUR COST from that manufacturer.

Then they charged US fees to give them this information and steal our marketshare. All in all…we did Millions on Amazon with NO PROFIT!

AMAZON IS Horrible


Similar thing happened to me, go to www.bbb.org and find amazon, and type in what happened, its that easy. The BBB will force amazon to consider and respond to every one of your emails until the issue is resolved or...?

Not sure, i'm still in the process now. But the BBB moderates and keeps records of the emails.


I made one purchase through amazon and dont like that I had very little interaction with the seller. I prefer ebay for online purchases.


I sold a $500.oo XPS Laptop, then the complain abaout a graphics SLI card that didn'y come with the laptop. The buyer wanted $125.00 refund for the piece that he bought.

I couldn't answer the claim on time. Amazon took from my credit card $510.00 and the buyer kept my laptop, Amazon said that they are not responsable for the buyer, so, It means that the buyer can keep your item.

It is a Robbery. The case # is 105-2063501-3448261


That is why you buy insurance when you ship a package. Not everything that is shipped is received.

More packages go missing that you might think. If you had insurance ( which only cost a few dollars ) you could have filed an insurance claim through post office and got the money back,

Amazon is unfair to sellers and they dont care.

they know it "We understand how this can be frustrating to you" but do they care or do any thing about it? ummm no.


It's seems Amazon has decided they will bend over backwards to avoid having a dissatisfied buyer, even if there is a high likelihood the buyer either has an invalid claim or is lying. I had similar trouble with a undelivered claim, and even though I had proof of delivery, Amazon basically forced me to grant a refund (I suppose I could have resisted, but the problem is if the buyer leaves a bad rating, then you can very quickly end up with a suspended account).