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Hello everyone, After talking to 10 different people from Amazon support, I've basically come to the conclusion that Amazon stole my gift card balance, and is refusing to give it back. Here's the last conversation I had with their support. Maybe someone can offer me some advice on how to proceed... and if not, this is a good way of unloading some frustration.

Hello, Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested: Initial Question: I'm trying to see how much longer a gift balance transfer will take

08:12 AM PDT Keimo(Amazon): Hello, my name is Keimo. I'm here to help you today. I will be checking on this for you.

08:12 AM PDT me: Hello there

08:12 AM PDT Keimo: May I have the name and the email on the account please ?

08:12 AM PDT me: it's the same email as this one, only with a capital R so it's ***@yahoo.com

08:13 AM PDT me: I had some funds from amazon mturk, as gift balance and requested a move to this account, since I have all my orders on this one this was Saturday morning the funds were removed from the other account, but it seems to be taking ages someone from support said that it's currently being escalated to the mturk support team, so I'm not sure

08:15 AM PDT Keimo: Let me read through.

08:15 AM PDT me: sure

08:16 AM PDT Keimo: Okay. so the funds that are to be transferred as already been removed from that account but is not being reflected on this one ?

08:16 AM PDT me: yes

08:19 AM PDT Keimo: Okay. Allow me a minute to check on this for you.

08:19 AM PDT me: sure

08:23 AM PDT Keimo: What was the amount of the gift card that was on the account?

08:23 AM PDT me: ***

08:24 AM PDT Keimo: what was the time frame given for this ?

08:24 AM PDT me: everyone is telling me 24 to 48 hours, but the entire process started Saturday morning

08:25 AM PDT me: so it's taking a lot longer

08:26 AM PDT Keimo: I am not seeing the amount here on the account it should be transferred from and I am not seeing it on the account it should be transferred to so it seem the transaction is not yet completed. What I will do is to relay the information the the GC specialist so that they can have this checked on for you.

08:26 AM PDT me: ok, thanks, but I've already done this, and nobody was able to help

08:27 AM PDT me: you're actually the 10th person from support that I've talked to

08:31 AM PDT Keimo: If it was already been sent over and it has not been done it means that the transaction is not eligible. If *** was not the original amount it will not be able to be credited to another account being that it was an electronic gift card. Since it has been done so many times I am not sure if this transfer is possible. I am not seeing it on the account so I am not sure where the GC balance went

08:32 AM PDT me: ok then, I'd like to cancel the transfer if it's not possible even though nobody informed me that it's not possible just that it would take up to 48 hours but it seems that now nobody knows there the balance went

08:35 AM PDT Keimo: I have checked your gift card balance and activities on both account and I am not seeing anything there. It seem a transferred was not started in the first place.

08:35 AM PDT me: so what did my original support contact do with the balance?

08:36 AM PDT Keimo: I am not sure because I am not seeing the balance that was initially there.

08:36 AM PDT me: this is the mail from amazon

08:37 AM PDT me: Greetings from Amazon Payments, Your withdrawal of $ **** to an Amazon.com Gift Card has completed successfully. The Gift Card will be automatically applied to your next Amazon.com order. The Transaction ID is ****. Thank you for using Amazon Payments. For further information about Amazon Payments, please visit our Help pages: where did this balance go?

08:37 AM PDT Keimo: So you were sent an email that the balance was successfully transferred ? let me check if it was applied to any of your orders.

08:38 AM PDT me: no, this is the original mail that I got when I transferred the money from my amazon mechanical turk account over ** years ago it's been sitting in my account since then because I always logged on to this account

08:38 AM PDT Keimo: Oh so that is not the email for the account to account transfer / ?

08:38 AM PDT me: no

08:39 AM PDT me: I haven't received any mail about the transfer

just a lot of mails from support saying that I have no balance

08:39 AM PDT Keimo: Okay. As it regards to that transfer I am not sure what happened with the gift card amount. It is not reflecting on neither of the account.

08:39 AM PDT me: and that nobody knows where it is yes, that's what everybody keeps telling me

08:40 AM PDT me: what can I do to get this balance back? since it's extremely frustrating

08:41 AM PDT Keimo: Let me check with my lead to see what can be done.

08:41 AM PDT me: sure

08:47 AM PDT Keimo: Waiting to be connected with my lead.

08:47 AM PDT me: sure thing I'll wait

08:47 AM PDT Keimo: Thanks for your patience.

08:47 AM PDT me: no problem

08:50 AM PDT Keimo: I am now connected with My lead.

08:50 AM PDT me: ok

08:59 AM PDT Keimo: When was the transfer email sent?

08:59 AM PDT me: on April 1st, *** haven't used it since

09:05 AM PDT Keimo: Checked with my lead and I my lead is saying the same thing. That are not able to see the gift card. Unfortunately this cannot be retrieved.

09:05 AM PDT me: so you're basically telling me that Amazon support deleted my balance without any way of getting it back? what kind of support is that?

09:06 AM PDT Keimo: I am not telling you that. I am not able to tell you what happened with the balance.

09:07 AM PDT Keimo: The balance is not here as I am not seeing it, neither does my lead. We are unable to have it credited back if there is no proof of it. The option will not be given.

09:07 AM PDT me: so what am I supposed to do now? I imagine it's not so difficult to see that I had it on my account for over 6 years and that it disappeared on Saturday without me making any orders

09:08 AM PDT me: and you can check the chack log from Saturday morning that I had with a colleague of yours chat* I imagine he wouldn't have agreed to transfer something that didn't exist in the first pl place

09:10 AM PDT Keimo: I understand what you are saying. The previous rep saw the balance. I am not seeing it now. My lead is not seeing. Action cannot be taken on something that we have no proof of.

09:10 AM PDT me: so what can I do? I showed you the original code for the transfer, I'm not sure there's anything more I can do

09:11 AM PDT me: I'm finding this situation ridiculous to be honest

09:12 AM PDT Keimo: I am not sure what can be done about this. I have escalated this to my superior and I was provided with no alternatives so I am not sure what can be done.

09:12 AM PDT me: so there's no way for me to get that balance back, right?

09:13 AM PDT me: that's the conclusion

09:13 AM PDT Keimo: It seems that way.

09:13 AM PDT me: well, I basically consider this stealing, to be honest

09:14 AM PDT me: I'm sure there's an organization that handles such disputes, so I'll be sure to file a dispute and publish all the "support" I've gotten in this matter wherever I can I guess we're done here thanks for your help

09:16 AM PDT Keimo: We look forward to seeing you again soon. When you're ready, please click the end chat link. Have a great day

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Prices.

Amazon Cons: Customer support.

Store Location: Sibiu, Sibiu

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currently doing the same to me but with 232.30 and refusing to add it back ,and its now been a week , i tried placing an order, then they locked my account cancelled the order and took the money 225 plus the remaining from gift bal ...mind u the gift bal was from an item i returned and got refunded the same day too , now they say they dont see the original ordrer and that some team is "investigating this" and be in contact within 24 hours....fucking 4 days later they are still ieing off their *** about to file a civil law suit against them .