Easton, Massachusetts
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I was in the process of making a purchase through my Amazon account and chose 2-day shipping, as I wanted to make sure it arrived before I was to leave town for a month for work.

After clicking 'checkout', my transaction was click-jacked by Amazon with a huge pop-up offering Amazon Prime. I had no interest in joining so I selected the option to 'continue my purchase using 2-day shipping.'

NOT 'continue with FREE 2 day shipping' NOT 'continue with Prime', nor any thing else that could be constued as consent to join Prime.

Well, evidently the inferred my intention to continue my purchase using the shipping method I selected as 'sign me up for Prime and take $99 from my bank account'.

Because that's what they did. It took THREE weeks, numerous phone calls to rude Amazon employees, and the thrat of filing a police report for theft, to finally get my money back.

I cancelled my Amazon account, which I had for 10+ years and will never purchase any item or service in any way related to Amazon.

I guess since Amazon has never earned a profit in its entire existence, they need to start ripping people off. Good riddance Amazon!

Reason of review: Theft.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Being stolen from.

  • Amazon Prime Scam
  • Amazon Deception
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