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Amazon is completely corrupt and they will use FRAUD and DECEIT to STEAL money from you any way they can! Beware!

Don't Buy or SELL. Amazon, almost always will suspend seller's accounts when they get enough money to hold, and they WILL definitely hold your money for at least 90 days more, just by claiming that you have somehow violated one of their convoluted rules, even though they won't give you any valid or specific reasons to support their claim, just the mere statement that you have, without even considering that their "team" has made any mistakes, or allowing a verbal discussion at all, with those that make these policy decisions. This is definitely a corrupt action on Amazon's part to keep and earn more interest off your funds, before you get them, even though you're being forced to suffer without anything, after you have already delivered your item(s) that were paid for, and funds were received by AMAZON already, and sold over 21 days ago, you don't get a cent of your money, then to top that hold off, your selling privileges are revoked under false pretenses by Amazon so they could keep your money another 90 days, even though everything was and/or would have been delivered on time, had it not been for their Slander and fraudulent account holds to begin with. BOYCOTT Amazon.

They don't deserve your money or your time. THEIR KARMA IS COMING!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Amazon Cons: Poor customer service.

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I think what we have gear is a third party seller who probably got the account froze for ripping off amazon customers.