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I am an Amazon Prime member and ordered a Dynacraft Shopkins bike for my daughter for Christmas. Upon checkout, Amazon provided a notification that the item comes in packaging that shows a photo of the item along with the description of the item on the item box. Amazon provided a check box that is supposed to place the item in a non-descript Amazon box.

I verified that on my invoice it states "Ships in Amazon box Selected".

The bike arrived today in the Dynacraft box. Unfortunately, it also meant my daughter happened to see the item and was thrilled. How am I supposed to provide a Christmas to my daughter that arrived with the item on the outside.

I contacted Amazon to state my displeasure. I received an "I'm sorry... we'll notify shipping so this doesn't happen to anyone else." There was no attempt to make some amends or anything. Its highly disappointing that Amazon doesn't take any responsibility for something which is obviously their mistake. I now own a $100 bike that was an intended Christmas gift that became an I love you present. Once a 6 year old sees a bike like that delivered to your house, how do you take it away?

It was atrociously handled!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Store Location: Riverside, New Jersey

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While I can see you being upset, to say that your daughter's Christmas gift was reduced to "an I Love You" gift. Really?

She didn't understand that it was supposed to be a surprise for Christmas? And "Merry Christmas, honey!" was just not good enough? BTW...a list of synonyms for atrocious: brutal, barbaric, barbarous, savage, vicious, beastly

Oh my!

I truly understand that you were disappointed about the packaging, but do you think your daughter was traumatized as much as you? I do empathize, but I think you made it a bigger deal than it was.