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Here's my story, I loved Amazon. I haven't had any problems with them until I placed an order for my DSLR. Amazon shipped me the correct Canon box with a completely garbage item inside the box(Incorrect item inside the correct box). I contacted them to return.

I contacted their customer service right after I found out that I got that incorrect item. I was afraid that they would blame me for that. At first, everything went smooth until they got the item back. They sent me an email saying that they got the incorrect item inside so they refused to send me refund.

WTF!!! They are acting like as if it was my fault. I contacted them like 10 times via chat and phone calls. Finally, today I chatted with a guy named Aman (leadership team member).

That guy is totally BS. He said that I have to contact Amazon customer service, get a rep, and contact UPS and put them in a conference to confirm that the package is delivered back to their return center. Think about it this way, if they haven't received my return package, then why the heck did I receive an email from them saying that they got the incorrect item inside the box. Totally BS AMAZON!!!

Im so freaking pissed now. Amazon is trying to run away from responsibilities.

I'm contacting my bank to get back the money now.I won't buy any expensive item from them again.

Monetary Loss: $1900.


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Twice in less than 14 days I received the wrong item.

Most recent order was for a 72" tripod, got the right box with a 50" tripod inside.

Sending it back tomorrow after I'm done using it lol, not my fault, I needed it today...So the shorty will have to do until the right one comes.

Also the item before this was a computer item, I called the seller first, he said they misrepresented the item online and I should return it.

No big deal.

Tried to return it through online method. Amazon said I was out of my grace period...Wtf I just got the item.

So I called in and told them it is March and the item return window said my last day to return was middle of April, obviously that's incorrect. Lady on the phone did not understand the calendar moves forwards not backwards, and said sorry can't be returned.

She sounded like she dealt with this before and was basically saying hey this sounds like your problem not mine, I'm just here to pretend I listen, lol. At which point I kindly said wtf but using different words...And finally she gave in and said ok just keep it. You'll get a refund...that "f it" attitude at work again.

I better check my credit card now that I think of it...Amazon has turned into eBay folks...With slightly faster free shipping if you use prime


I Received the wrong items and they are refusing to help me also, I am now going to contact my bank to get this resolved

Port-Of-Spain, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad And Tobago #1209525

Amazon said they can do nothing for my wrong package because I used a freight forwarder.The email was:


I realize you're disappointed because we are not able to refund orders received by a freight forwarder., and I regret we've been unable to address your concerns to your satisfaction.

However, we'll not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters, and any further inquiries on this matter won't receive a response.

We appreciate your understanding.

Best regards,

Dionetta F.

Thank you.Amazon.com


Feel free to express your idea and leave your comment. However, when you leave your comment, please add something to back it up with at least a source or a reason why you said so :? . In my case, there's already another member here that had almost the same situation.



Just a comment to let you know that I got the money back on my bank account, so Amazon kept their words for my refund :)

Netherless, that experience was really stressful, and I won't order any expensive item from Amazon again.

Thanks for your kindly help.



I'm glad that everything went smooth in your case.I guess Amazon's customer service is better in France compare to in the US.

And hopefully they keep their words for your refund. I don't mean to put you under stress again but it's my experience with Amazon so I guess it's better to let you know. In my case, one of their customer service reps told me that Amazon will issue a refund within 24 hours, I would just wait for the refund email confirmation. Guess what, they did not even keep their words.

In your case, you received an email confirmation, which is a good sign.

But to be honest, I would just wait til they actually refunded the money.In my experience, Amazon does not do what they promised to do.



Thank you nismoz for your advices and taking time to answer me.

Fortunately, Amazon got ma package back yesterday afternoon and I just received a mail this morning to confirm the refund ! I'm so happy that everything went smooth and that I could get my money back. I just need to wait 3 days more to see it on my bank account, but I'm not worried anymore !

As you said, next time I'll use a credit card or won't even order on amazon for such expensive items.




You are welcome.Hopefully, Amazon will refund you the money.

However, if they refuse to take responsibilities just like they did in my case. Then it would be harder for you to take back the money. Seriously, they totally ignored my requests for the refund. They even blocked my phone number from calling their customer service number.

I had to use a different phone number to call them. In your case, if a debit card was used, I would just hope everything goes smooth. And take my advice, next time, don't use your debit card to pay for expensive items. Credit card is the only one that will cover your side if anything goes wrong.

We'll never know what's gonna happen to the package.So it's always better to cover our side first.



Thanks a lot for your answer. Unfortunately, Credit Card are not used really widespread in France, so I used a debit card. I hope I won't need to ask a refund from my bank because they won't refund me unless it's a fraudulent transaction.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Amazon to get back my package (tomorrow probably) and hope they will refund me. For sure, from now on, I will always open a valuable package in front of the delivery person to make sure everything is OK.

I'll keep you in touch.


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I'm the original poster.Sorry to hear it happens to you.

I know it's really frustrating when you are facing a situation like this. I'm in the US, so I can't tell how you would get money back from the bank if you are in France. However, if you used your CREDIT CARD to pay for the item, you can log in to your online bank account and create a dispute. It has to be a CREDIT CARD.

If you used your DEBIT card to pay, then the bank won't help (sorry in this case). My bank refunded me the money (not Amazon). I think that the bank charged back the money and refunded me. Not really sure but I'm glad that I got the money back.

Lesson learned from this case. Now, every time I receive a package (expensive items inside), I always use my phone to record when I open the package and inspect the item. If anything goes wrong, I have a strong evidence to show that the item inside is originally wrong, damaged or broken.

Anyways, I hope you get your money back from Amazon without going any further. If they refuse to refund, the next step I would do is to create a dispute with your bank.

You can either go directly to your bank or make a dispute online. In most cases, your bank will refund you the money and they will investigate the case. They will refund your the money eventually since you used your CREDIT card to pay. It's actually their money so they have to take actions.

Don't worry much, everything will be fine IF you used your CREDIT card.Good luck!

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