Edinburgh, Scotland

I have two charges on my credit card on the same day to Amazon.co.uk, for orders which I did not place.KEY POINTS:I have not placed an order with Amazon for 9 monthsthere are no other charges on my credit card that were not me - therfore the card has not been stolen or clonedAmazon tell me that I must have placed an order through another account, or that my wife may have used my card. BUT I have no other Amazon account and my wife is not a thief, (and I'm sure I would have noticed a delivery to our house).THERFORE: Amazon have allowed my card details which are stored on their servers to be used to purchase items for someone else, OR someone at Amazon who has access to my card details has used them to purchase something for themselves - at the place they work - and then not used them again to purchase andything else...P.S This is not about the money, my credit card is insured so I will get it back, all £67.91.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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I agree, I hope they all get aids.

Love you though Mrs S x