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Now Visit Axtron.org for any amazon seller related Issue you can possibly have,suspension reviews ,seller accounts ,Feedback,you name it we have it or can point you in the right direction.Also Sign up for our new Amazon suspension Prevention software guaranteed to reduce risk of linking amazon accounts.

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This is not an eBook ,it is a one on one service where I personally walk you the steps of creating a new amazon account.Most sellers who look into this method of returning to amazon have already tried to do it by amazon rules.That whole contact amazon thing and state your case simply doesn't work for most amazon sellers who been suspended.Amazon is a dirty company ,only way to stay afloat with them is by playing just as dirty.

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Where does Amazon get the nerve suspending sellers with well-establish accounts.Over 3 years I been selling with them with over 60 positive feedback,and one day boom!I receive an email saying That Amazon has suspended my account,and that the decision is final.I can never sell on amazon again.So what was I suppose to do .Its amazons site and they have the right to kick anybody off when ever they like.But I have a family to feed,so am I suppose to let them starve if amazon has been the main source of my money.I would never let that happen.

It took a couple of months before I figured out how to get back on and selling at full speed again covering every angle that amazon looks for.And i been running 3 amazon accounts from the same computer for over 2 years.Never suspended again!This was for the before the books you find on this subject ever came out.A couple of the authors who've put out them get back on Amazon books received most this information from me through private chats with in forums,tho I wont take all the credit.But most stealth accounts coming from them guides,never last more than 3-6 months.Its because the authors fail to tell you key points to making your accounts last ,passing amazon seller reveiws.

After you get suspended Amazon's data base logs all of your information that you have ever used with them during your account.IP address,email account,billing address,phone number ,and cookies.Now you might say that I can find a way around all of that and Amazon will not be able to Link me.OH Really!So what can you do about your Hardware's mac address they can read.Meaning you cant ever use the same computer again with them,or the Browser fingerprinting they do.

Getting back on amazon is all based on strategy.Once you figure out the strategy you will have lasting accounts.My name is Trey King.I run a service that gets suspended sellers from amazon back up and running with in a day or two.I will walk you through step by step until you are back to selling again .Through my methods there is no way amazon will be able to link you and they are completely ethical and legal.I will show you the cheapest and smoothest strategy to running many amazon stealth accounts from one computer.I've been running 3 sellers account from 1 computer for over 2 years.Never linked ,never suspended.How ever I do charge a small fee,nothing back breaking!But trust me it is well worth all the information , guidance, and advice you will receive.I am willing to prove my identity.Add me on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com//profile.php?id=100000250281814 ,email at tking0688@gmail.com,skype me @ mrworth401.

Fight back against amazon and show them you cant be stopped by their unethical business practices!

Location: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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If anyone would like assistance in getting reinstated.

We can have your action plan ready in about 3 to 4 hours. Contact us at JoaquinLnu@gmail.com and we'll have you up and running in no time within 24 hours. :)


Please be careful and don't purchase templates to reinstate your account ..

From any site - no matter how good it looks.


If anyone need help reinstating their account please contact me at JoaquinLnu@gmail.com or HelpNow@happyamazonseller.com

We will make sure your account is fully reinstated.

We also offer refunds if you are not satisfied.

Contact us at no cost - there's no account we cant reinstate :)


Amazon literally banned me without reason. Not only that, they charged me up the *** for stuff I never authorized.

Not only that, they told all my buyers to open up claims even though their items were shipped months back? What gives Amazon? You fraudulent company.

They put down sellers and capitalize off of them.

I no longer can get back to selling anymore. I had to have Auction Essistance help me appeal and set up a new account because Amazon is a ***.


Has anyone ever gotten the $500 back for the jewelry application fee?


There is a good explanation of the verification process on the following website. Explains all the documents you need to verify your Amazon account. Looks like it only addresses the UK site:



I have been suspended from Amazon and tried to set up new accounts with no success, like you said you have a family to feed, I do also and selling on Amazon was were the majority of my income came from, I desperately want to get back on Amazon as eBay, etsy, etc, simply don't provide the same income, my business has suffered massively since my account has been closed, and the biggest kicker is that it was because of an Amazon employee giving me the wrong information which led to my suspension. Anyway, enough of my sob story, I found this link and my heart lifted, "I can get you back on Amazon" then I see that there is a fee, no

Offence but as you said, you have a family to feed, so understanding the impact this has, why charge a fee, if

You have managed to get back on Amazon then surely a fee is unnecessary and you would just be happy to help people like myself,


The Answer to this is simple.The methods used for this have been used and abused by people who only use amazon to make a quick buck and run scams.The reckless people who only use amazon to sell fakes and constantly burn accounts.Axtron only wants serious sellers for clients,because last thing we need is for our methods to get plugged because of people abusing the system.If your a serious seller,then you understand that our fee is just a cost of business.


I highly recommend axtron as a service to others.Theres too many sources online that claim they know how to beat amazon suspension ,but all of them hold back the important info they could lead you to another suspension.Axtron has no secrets they withold.They walk with you step by step and teach how to do it right the first time


What I like about axtron is that they made me a new amazon account and i didnt have to purchase a new ssn or tax id.I been using my account for a year and amazon hasnt even asked me to enter it in .


Axtron is a awesome site,they helped me open a new amazon account plus solve the tax issue.


Do not visit Axtron.com for this service ,the website will rip you off .I would know ,i own half the website and wrote this article.I know longer affiliate myself with the other owners of axtron.com.Contact Trey King Directly at 4013326595 if you need help with amazon.Axtron will just take your money and not deliver any service.Do not get caught in their trap.



Trey King is a part of our team. Please feel free to call us to verify.


Best Regards,



They banned my buyer account(after having it for 8 year, with no returns). What should I do? I really want to *** these ***.


I have tried to contact you a couple of times to find out more about your services since the info on the website doesn't really describe it enough for me, but I have gotten no reply yet through your support ticket system. I am trying again directly through your email posted here. Thanks


Only purchase from Official Amazon suspension help.



Hi if anyone want to open seller account in amazon after suspension, kindly contact me for free. no charges. mail me sanjay at finalvictory2015@gmail.com


Dont Trust this woman finalvictory2015@gmail.com,she isnt free .She took $500 of mine and im now fighting the case with paypal.vivek_iim is a Scammer!!!!


Well if they claimed it's free and then you sent them $500 then it sounds like your fault for being ***.


yes you are rite.. i give suggestions to help people.