I was using my neighbor's PC to set up a new seller account on Amazon. My account was immediately revoked and she told me that hers had been, too, a few months back.

They say they linked my account with another account. Did it get revoked because I used her PC? I never had an Amazon seller account before so I am FLOORED. When I tried to call their CS line, they were absolutely NO HELP.

My neighbor feels horrible but it is not her fault.

So, she is going to do what she needs to do to help me but if they won't listen to me, why would they listen to her. That is just wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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You seriously put 100,000 as the loss?...

Get over it and go make an account from another computer. *facepalm*


Oh gosh. I am sorry this happened to you and your neighbor. Amazon is big on that, instead of concentrating on their sellers adhering to their policies while listing & selling. For some unfathomable reason, Amazon wants you to have only one selling account, meaning you have to work only from your computer, and if per chance you work from someone else's computer, they'd suspend both.




This makes no sense. Yes, both your accounts got revoked for that very reason, you used her PC for selling on Amazon. I guess she'd have the same chance of succeeding with Amazon as you did.



For that very reason, members of the same family cannot have accounts for each member of the family. It has to be ONE only account for the whole family. Have a few, and next thing you know, Amazon revokes all of them.