Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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In 6 months, Amazon has suspended my sellers account 3 times. The first time, it was suspended for almost 4 months.

I filed several complaints with authorities until account was reinstated. Had it suspended two more times since then. They suspend sellers from selling all the time,I found out. They use the funds to pay their bills and I wouldn't use Amazon at all if I did not get orders.

When I do,they come up with a lame *** excuse to hold my money for 90+ days.

I have filed complaints with BBB, AG and Bank Commissioner and will keep complaining about them.

Monetary Loss: $789.

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They are notorious for stealing good selling items from there sellers, and suspending seller accounts without any justification. Tying up seller funds for months. Think twice before you ever deal with Amazon.


We were approved in beauty. 6 days later after 8 fulfilled orders we were accused of selling counterfeit I uploaded invoices shipping labels etc.

Nothing. Its a joke.


A buyer can falsely complain on a seller and get them suspended...the seller has no recourse whatsoever...This complaint is right on the money same thing happened to me.


It does matter^ I was looking at a product i needed,hoping to find it cheaper online. The seller spiked the price up $20 more than the in store price.I wrote a review and said 'Wow..can't believe the buyer is ripping people can get a much better price in stores,and wont have to pay for shipping. A few minutes later i got an email from amazon telling me my review had been denied.


After years of shopping on Amazon and even looking up items on Amazon to see what reviews were to make a decision what to buy, I found out today that if you read the guidelines there is nothing that says you need to use the product or read the book or whatever before you do a review! You can post your comments, good or bad, without any idea what you are talking about.

As long as you don't use foul language, you can write anything you want about it and it will stay there as long as that product is there! If I am mad at someone, I can go in there and post fraudulent complaints and make them look like *** and no one will stop me!

I believe everyone on this site with a complaint should go into Amazon and write *** reviews on products that company or person sells. Anything, just make it up!

Won't matter!

Guess its not too helpful to read those reviews now that I know they are probably fake anyway!

Pretty useless actually! Go somewhere else that cares if you want real product reviews!