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I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with customer support from Amazon in the deliverance of this product. I ordered this product well within a good time frame at 7:00am and with the promise of same day delivery - 7:00am is a good time for same-day delivery orders (so if that's your promise, deliver).

I went into work got back home around 5 and consistently checked the notification about when my package would arrive. It arrived a shipping center at 5:52 pm, Odd I thought, but Amazon still said i'd be delivered today at 9pm. Well I guess I can wait till a little while longer even though I still needed to drive to LA from San Diego. 7pm comes around, no package, still have to drive to LA, STILL NEED TO DRIVE THERE NOW.

Now I had waited literally until 9pm for this product LA only to be NOTIFIED AFTER 9:00pm that my product was no longer arriving today but a day or 2 days from now. So I called customer service, ended up Taking my issue all the way to some un-empathetic "leadership supervior" named Daniel A. the only option he gave me was to cancel my order for a refund (i still wasted now almost 5 hours of my time) and or he kept pushing that he could give me $15 bucks for my next purchase. Come on...

what kind of solution is that. So I tried to work with him. "Alright man can you guarantee a reshipment of my product to a new address by that day?" He told me no but I can give you $15 bucks for your next purchase. So here's the general gist of Amazon.

They will promise you something, wait last minute to break that promise, and then give you no workable solution. Thanks for nothing.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Amazon Cons: Un-empathetic customer service, Kept saying sorry with no emotional backing, Terrible compensation for negative experience, Amazon supervisor daniel a should be out.

  • False Promises
  • Bad Management
  • Delivery Deception
  • Keeps You Hanging
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