I have been a great customer of Amazon.com for a very long time, it must have been at least 10+ years. I have purchased everything from little things to housewares, to laptops, electronics, cameras, personal items, to large screen TV.

I shopped on Amazon.com routinely and weekly perhaps. I have spent thousands of dollars years after years, even from earlier on when Amazon was starting up. They started their business by sending flyers of their specials to my house, which they don't do it anymore maybe because they're so big?. Anyhow, late July of 2015, I had purchased a few items that were not as described, so I returned them.

First it was a teeth whitening kit, the item came with a tray for your teeth that was so small it could fit an infant. Then came a polaroid miniature camera that stopped working on the 2nd day, and lastly a room divider that fell apart after 2 weeks and they kept replacing it over and over for 4 times with stained and defective damaged ones. It was frustrating and a huge waste of my time. Each time I called customer service, a rep (from somewhere in the Philippine or India) told me that they would be more than happy to replace it and get me a fresh one, even though I asked to return it and not get another but they kept saying that I should give it another try, etc.

so I obliged. And, in between these returns I have also purchased other items from Amazon. But in particular, the room divider screen was a nightmare. The 4th room divider came (white faux leather), it has brown smears on top & a 2-inches black tar stains on the side of one panel, and part of the leather on another panel has about 3 inches strip of beige color and the leather was peeling off.

It was not acceptable by any means, and it wasn't cheap, this item costs $145 of what? ***! I didn't purchase this item "refurbished" or "used", it was supposed to be NEW. But before I even picked up the phone to call them, I tried logging in to my account and I was locked out.

I called customer service and they told me that my account was "on hold". I asked what for? but they said I had to email the "account specialist" department. They said that the "account specialist" sent me an email stating why.

I tried looking for that email but couldn't find it, so I asked the customer service rep to reach out to them and have someone contact me. I received an email the next day saying "while we understand that sometimes some things do not work out, but because you have an unusually large amount of returns, therefore, we have closed your account". That's so absurd and rude beyond comprehension. There's not an ounce of truth in this statement.

First of all, the amount of returns I made over the years is peanut comparing to the amount of purchases I've given them. I wrote back to the "account specialist" and explained what was going on as of late, the reasons why I had returned those mentioned items. I even sent them photos of the items that were sent to me, the damages, defectives, etc. They emailed me back and said "we have examined everything and looked at your account and in accordance to our policies, we have closed your account and it will not be reversed".

I emailed the account specialist and asked what is this "policies" and where can I find that? I'd like to read this "policies". I was denied of this policy disclosure and the account specialist told me he will not send me this "policies". Of course, why would he?

The only policy I know of is on their website and can be found under "what can I return" that states: "You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by Amazon.com within 30 days of delivery for a full refund". I went on to look further and found on another section under return and refund on Amazon.com that says "You can return many items sold on Amazon.com. When you return an item, you may see different return options depending on the seller, item, or reason for return". I DO NOT and CANNOT find a policy on Amazon.com that says "while you may return most items within 30 days for a full refund, you're only allowed to return a certain amount of items, or a percentage of your purchased items otherwise we will close your account".

And that's what it is! The Amazon hidden agenda! Why wouldn't they disclose this policy on their website? Because if they do disclose this hidden "policies" they would lose a tremendous amount of customers.

I would not have given them my business after all these years had I known of this "policies". The hidden agenda, DECEPTION and GREED!!! that is AMAZON.COM. It is clear that they want us to shop and give them our money, but regardless if we're happy or satisfied with our purchases, we must keep the items otherwise they will close our account, and we must go away.

Amazon has gotten too big that their customers are no longer people, we're just numbers. The deception is where they make you feel that they have such open policy about returns, unlike their competitors, and they welcome you to do so if you're not happy with your purchase, but it's quite the contrary, if you do return a certain amount they will close your account. As a consumer I felt my rights were violated. As a customer I felt cheated, betrayed and unwanted.

I also purchased (renewed) my Prime membership in April 2015 that allowed me to watch movies and TV shows as well as free shipping, all that came to an end and they're not refunding me considering that I paid my membership in full just 3 months ago. And they said that I can still access my digital content ie. my mp3 songs and albums that I purchased from them over the year, but that's not true, I can't get access to them at all because I can't even log on to my account since they closed it. I'm writing this to share with everyone my experience which is all true, and it's funny that I've read a great numbers of complaints on here and it appears that we're all in the same boat.

Another note I'd like to add is, the mis-advertisements that they continue to practice, sometimes some of the items listed on Amazon.com, their "regular retail listed price" is also incorrect. I'm referring to the retail price of the item listed right above their own price. ie. A camera that I had purchased from them listed for so much more than their own price, just to make you feel like you're getting a deal, but that's not at all the real retail price of the item and in fact you're not getting a great deal at all.

I found this out by going on to Canon.com. It's deceptive. I have called their customer service department on this issue of price discrepancies quite often on various items they offered and they said they'll look in to it, but nothing was ever done about it. See it for yourself!

Since I stopped shopping on Amazon.com, I was able to find same items elsewhere. In fact, just this week I purchased a brand new 2015 model Sony 75 inch Tv from Buydig.com, and I was able to get a better deal at $1900 while Amazon.com's price was $1990. They gave me free shipping, free tax, the whole experience was great! I also purchased other items as well that I normally purchased from Amazon.com and hassle free.

For instance I purchased an iPad mini for only $190, brand new in sealed box from another E retailer. I went on Ebay and purchased 3 shaving cream jars from Kyoku for $11 each, and it came sealed and brand new, this is also another item I purchased regularly from Amazon for more money. There are so many retailers out there that wants your business and deserve your business. Do not support Amazon!

Amazon doesn't understand the concept of their business. It's E retailer, you have products to sell to us, and because we are not there to see, feel touch the products, there is a 50/50 chance that we don't like it and if we don't like it we have the right to return it according to your stated policy. Furthermore, all items that I have purchased and returned to Amazon wasn't because I changed my mind. It was because it's either defective or not as described on their website.

Amazon has sent me a message loud and clear, that they don't want good customers like me or my business, people like us who contributed to their business for years.

We should do the same and send Amazon a clear message as well, we don't care to do business with you and you do not deserve to have our business.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $145.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Corporate office executives do not speak to their customers, Poor shipping, Hidden policies, Poor quality control, Mis-advertised prices.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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It's beyond obvious you're NOT a "great" customer... To have a buyer account suspended requires a long term pattern of abusing their lenient return and refund policies.

When you cost a business money on a regular basis, you really can't be surprised when they escort you to the curb.

Also, they can suspend and ban whoever they like, and they don't need to tell you why. All of this IS in the terms and conditions, you know..that wall of text you didn't read before you agreed to it by opening an account..


Thank you for your down vote you just posted to my comment-I'm being sarcastic, of course. And your comment to "Amazon's Secret Agenda" was rude and unnecessary. I can only surmise that you are an Amazon employee.


Wow! I guess I should be prepared to be dropped as a customer too.

I've been "with" Amazon since they only sold books. Became a Prime member the first year it was offered (2005?), have a Amazon Prime Credit Card (through Chase), talked my elderly parents (who cannot use a computer) to open an account and then tell me what they want and I'd buy it for them using their account. Between my husband and I, we spend easily $8K/year on anything from vitamins to a pool table. My parents buy about $2k annually which does not include the Amazon gift cards they buy at local drugstores for each of their 21 grandchildren.

On and on but Amazon has certainly profited from my business BUT I have had problems. They are inevitable given the volume of buying but they are NEVER unwarranted. I don't call Amazon if I witness UPS throwing the box at my door and having the contents damaged-I call UPS. I always thought that Amazon should have some sort of rewards program for their best customers-now I know they do.

Your reward is getting dropped as a customer.

Probably wouldn't be the worst thing that ever happened to me but still.... This should be a case study At Harvard Business School on how to NOT treat your best and honest standing customers.


The same happened to me ! I wonder if Jeff Bezos has ever returned a purchase !!! Try a great new site called jet.com