I have been selling movies on Amazon.com for close to five years. On 20 OCT 07, Amazon suspended my account for no reason. On 24 OCT 07, they closed my account.

Their general reason (with no specifics) was "The feedback, claims and/or refunds submitted to your seller account profile indicate that a number of buyers have been dissatisfied with the service you have provided."

My approval numbers are outstanding. I have not had had a single A-Z Guarantee Claim, my lifetime positive feedback rating is 95% (exemplary compared to most of the other sellers on Amazon), and I have not received a single instance of negative feedback for over a year.

After the 20 OCT 07 notice, I emailed them back asking for specific reasons for suspending my account. They gave no explanation.

If Amazon is closing accounts for positive feedback ratings of 95% or less, close to HALF of the sellers on Amazon should be shut down. I have trouble believing they are in the process of doing this. They have singled me out for some reason.

I have never had an issue with Amazon until now, but this is a big problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Profile.

Store Location: Carlsbad, California

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The only solution I know off is to bug the media & investment asking them to help get answer to the situation...

My account was close for 8 month and I was 99% until I contacted the media department... This Seller-Performance won't even revisit a bad decision unless you get through higher authority.


Amazon is good for Customers and VERY BAD to retailers that was my experience


We are a small retailer, we have an account at Amazon.com as a Seller central member. We considered ourselves a good paying customer and treated Amazon to be a good business affiliate. Recently, Amazon decided to suspend / close our account without cause. When we inquired through their Amazon Alliance group, they gave us conflicting stories. First they claimed we had multiple accounts. Then when we challenged them, they alleged that we were trying to bypass their system! We always maintained one active account and we managed to score 100% positive feedback from all our customers. We invited Amazon to resolve the issue via a simple phone call but they refused! We contacted them 4 times in the course of last 48 Hrs and we received one email back that did not offer any solutions. Amazon flexed its big muscle and tried to be the judge, the jury and the prosecuter! They failed to give us a valid reason for account suspension and respond to our inquiries on timely fashion. We still maintain that Amazon is considered a robust market place and we are refusing their denial of access to it.

We ask that you help us resolve this matter by contacting Amazon and initiate an investigation as we think that their actions are not fair and have no legal basis.