I shop at Amazon.com frequently. I've spent a LOT of money in the past 20 years with them.....

I purchased a Sony camcorder two weeks ago, and today, the price on Amazon is $80.00 lower than it was when I purchased it initially.

I contacted Amazon's customer service, through online chat, to inquire about a refund for the difference in price, and was flatly refused. This surprised me, as I always thought of Amazon as very consumer-friendly.

They quoted varied reasons for this, including: "Well, when you purchased the unit, the price reflected what we paid through our supplier...now, all this time later, (I remind you, it's only been two weeks) the price we paid is lower, so we offer it at a lower price".....and..."Shopping at Amazon, is like shopping in a PHYSICAL store. The prices will fluctuate."

I took great care to remind them, that MOST "physical" stores will offer a price-protection on their OWN merchandise, in order to retain the goodwill of loyal customers. The customer service representative, whose name was "Nenet", offered the "solution" of sending me a return label, to return the product for a refund.

A subsequent conversation, via telephone, was equally frustrating. The representative indicated her concern, but adhered to the same policy. She offered to give me a "promotion" which involved offering a "store credit" which could be used at my leisure.....When I asked why the "promotion" couldn't simply be applied to my Amazon credit card, effectively solving the problem, her response was that "We just don't DO that, sorry..."

I offered the scenario that returning the unit would not only cost Amazon return postage, handling by employees, but that they would ultimately have to offer the returned unit at a reduced price, because it would now be considered "refurbished", which would ultimately cost them MORE than the $80.00 refund that I sought.

"You make a good point", was the response.

In the bricks-and mortar world, that point would probably have been enough for a supervisor to say, "You're right, let me write up the refund.."

It's just good, common business sense and for the life of me, I can't understand why someone at Amazon couldn't just step up and say, "You're a loyal, long-time customer...Let me take care of the problem for you."

This increasing compartmentalization of retail businesses, is eroding the confidence that people have had toward retailers, both online, and otherwise.

I really enjoy the convenience of shopping online, but it may be time to rethink paying more, in order to have a comfortable and mutually respectful working relationship with the people from whom I shop.

Total inflexibility is maddening, and as a result of it, Amazon may be officially off the table.

Store Location: Yonkers, New York

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Perhaps they were not able to price match because of the time period of when you purchased. I understand you said it had been 2 weeks since you bought it, but maybe their price matching policy is less than that.

I would ask what would have to be done to qualify for a Price match.


I received a refund today from Amazon today. I bought Turbo tax software on 12/31/12 for $45.

It went down to $40 on 1/3. Went through on line chat and was sent a refund for the $5. The whole process took place in a couple of minutes.

Thanks Amazon! I don't know why they didn't do the same for you.


sessa....that should have read "10 years"...sorry for the typo....

It's odd....MANY of the brick and mortar chains both in the Tri-State area, and in California, where I used to live, will offer a 30 day price protection policy against finding lower prices after purchase. They will CERTAINLY offer a refund for the difference, when THEY lower their own prices within 30 days of purchase.

I have no idea about the policies in your area.


I understand your frustration as we've all probably had similiar experiences, but it seems an entitled expectation. I don't know what other retailers your talking about, but I'm not aware of ANY stores that would refund the difference if something I bought later went on sale.

Yes it sucks, but it's the luck of the draw. Personally I think they were more than generous in offering a credit.

You're certainly entitled to not shop at Amazon anymore, but given their pricing and what for me has always been exceptional customer service, it seems like you'd only be hurting yourself. (FYI, Amazon hasn't been in business for 20 yrs)


Wow Sessa, just ask any of the regular retailers about this policy. JC Penney, Dillards, Nordstroms, Sears, Target, WalMart, ANY anchor store in any mall across America....

The OPs post comes off as a bit self entitled, however that expectation is based on the norms of retail that have been the same for many decades predating the internet.



I shopped around for quite some time before choosing Amazon. Did my homework.

My post concerned my thoughts about a policy that most retailers honor, and that I thought Amazon should subscribe to....nothing more....You should consider asking first, before making baseless comments.

Your thought about paying more if the price went up, has no merit, because I would NOT have paid more. As I stated, I purchased there BECAUSE the price was the lowest I'd found at the time, from a dealer that I trusted.


So if the price had gone up you would have sent them more money, right? This is hardly a complaint.

Just because some stores do it doesn't mean others have to follow suit. Next time, shop around first.