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Amazon cons users in five ways. 1.

They allow spurious "customer" reviews - often by friends or discount customers - to remain on the site, even after multiple complaints. These reviews are misleading. 2. Their 30-day return policy does exist, but if you use it much - even to return defective goods- they will threaten to close your account.

3. Amazon loves to promote the notion that they receive very high customer ratings. Really? I've been a customer for years and never once had the chance to rate them.

Nor has anyone I know. 4. They move the goalposts. If an order was scheduled to arrive, say, on the 10th, and on that day they change the date to later (say, the 12th), you have no way to note that it did not arrive as originally promised.

You'll be given the Yes/No option of "did it arrive on the 12th?" 5. They allow crooked sellers to continue to sell on their site, regardless of how many complaints are racked up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yeah I made a comment about something once that was lost in an airplane crash in Russia somewhere. When I gave it a one star rating, I got an email from Amazon saying that it wouldn't be published. I didn't swear I gave a truthful accounting of what happened.

So I decided to never again comment - good or bad on anything, since they clearly are trying to skew results.