I had an Amazon account that was ...somehow linked to their Prime Account - this includes a monthly $39.99 fee. But, I never sold anything on Amazon; I was only considering to do this.

Then I notice a charge of my bank statement for $39.99. I never authorized it. When I looked back - this charge had occurred in July and August as well. After spending "2 hours" on the phone with Amazon on the September 15th, they finally agreed to refund me this $119.97.

They said it would take upwards of 5 business days - at most. I waited a week; on September 22nd there was no refund from Amazon. I called Amazon again. After another 5 to 10 minute explanation and Q&A session, the Amazon rep guaranteed me that my refund would absolutely be made by September 28th.

He explained that it had something to do with a period ending date. On September 29th, I looked at my bank account. There was still no Amazon refund. I spoke to Amazon again - wasting another 15 to 20 minutes.

After the same old run around, this Amazon rep once again guaranteed me a refund - asserting that the entry was made and it would appear on todays (meaning 9/29/2017) bank balance. I waited until I could verify Fridays balance and review the bank account transactions: there was still NO Amazon refund - despite three (3) separate assurances by Amazon staff. I was so disappointed by Amazon's inability to refund fees that they never should have deducted to begin with -- that I also asked her to transfer me to the Amazon department where I could CANCEL my Amazon accounts. Then, I was put on the "hold into eternity" program - where no one responds to the customer awaiting Amazon's service; or lack thereof.

When customer service reflects either ignorance of deliberate lies -- well, considering that I have spoken only facts about the three (3) $39.99 charges -- what you would conclude. Amazon's customer service area assured me - THREE different times, that this refund was either already here; delayed a week; or was due yesterday. To date, no such refund occurred.

I would like someone in the Amazon Management Area who is capable of making a decision -- to effect my refund. I'm the guy from Houston Texas that is owed $119.97.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Amazon did process the credit of $119.97 to my account. What's unfortunate with Amazon's activities - it appears to "presume" that potential sellers, somehow, will automatically require their $39.99 Prime Seller Group Services.

I never had any such attention; and I was simply considering selling a few inexpensive items. Instead - I ended up spending over 3 hours with 4 phone call to seller services -- trying to get my 3 monthly $39.99 Amazon charges returned: my lesson : NEVER POST you credit or debit info - UNLESS or UNTIL you are certain that you intend to activate an Amazon service. IF that's a problem, go elsewhere. When I realized that Amazon claimed 15% of the posters total sale price -- the costs discouraged me from pursuing any listings.

AMAZON "should notify an account holder of specific fees; and require a ... "positive response" from the account holder prior to BILLING any seller for a NEW service; WHEN the potential seller has not signed a clear authorization of exact Amazon costs - a DOUBLE VERIFICATION OF CHARGES is a simple setup. As I understand it, its the way the account is set up that determines the beginning of these monthly billings. This is, in my opinion, a dubious practice.

Don't hit me for $39.99 -- when I never knowingly authorized such charges. And - I was shocked by the appearance of these recurring fees - I'd also bet that some people do not even realize that the potential for these recurring charges even exists. AMAZON COULD BE MORE TRANSPARENT.

Even worse - this happened on 2 accounts. CLOSING my Amazon Accounts: PUT A CLOSE OPTION IN PLAIN SIGHT.


As of 10/05/17, I am still waiting for the 4th time that I was told that my refund is on its way. Amazon will NOT offer an immediate refund.

Instead they promise it in 3 to 5 days. I am awaiting a refund, for which Amazon twice acknowledged via an email the last 2 times I complained - still, no refund. Isn't it SAD that a company as large as Amazon cannot give a refund even though I was charged for a service I never wanted -- and after each wait if up to 5 business days, the refund never arrived. I am personally avoiding Amazon.

They have no integrity; they simply like. Why else was I promised 4 times that I would get a refund, requiring 3 hours of time; and the refund never came.

Is that a lie? It certainly fits the criteria, in my opinion.