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In August Amazon charged me twice for Primefresh membership. I contacted them through chat and problem solved.

However they charged me twice for my primefresh and prime memberships. I contacted Amazon and explained the problem. They told me that they showed I was charged once. After posting in chat my bank records of said dates they told me that the second charges were card verification charges.

I ended chat and selected to call me now. I explained to the supervisor the problem and what was said in chat. His response was I was charged for September and October. I explained that September was suppose to be free due to their idiocy in August.

I once again chose to have them call me. The second supervisor told me I was only charged once for each membership. I called corporate and after looking into the issue they claim That my bank was declining therefore it showed I was being charged twice. I get alerts when a transaction is declined.

There are none. I called the bank and confirmed no card transactions were declined from July to the present.

They can't decide what lie to tell. 10/24/17 RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 10/23 AmazonPrime Member amzn.com/prme WA S587296199725924 CARD 1108   $11.90 RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 10/20 Prime Fresh Member amzn.com/prme WA S587293129215528 CARD 1108   $14.99 10/05/17 RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 10/05 AmazonPrime Member amzn.com/prme WA S387278193571401 CARD 1108   $11.90 10/04/17 RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 10/04 Prime Fresh Member amzn.com/prme WA S387277141827578 CARD 1108   $14.99

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Fresh Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Okay. Were not your accountants.

Go to your bank and refute the charges.

Document everything and speak to Amazon. I've always found them to be understanding, and have had issues of this type resolved without too much trouble.