I got the 800 number here. :/ sad.

One of the best customer service companies has gone right down the crapper. The quick solution: deactivate your Amazon Prime and go to Roku, they're the same thing, cut up your Amazon Visa, cards with that interest are EVERYWHERE. Use Walmart.com, they still know where their money comes from, and they're a damn sight better than Amazon. That's what I'm going to do at the first.

I'm done giving all my money, then Huge chunks of my time dealing with lazy, rude, employees, and poor managements. KEEP AMERICANS WORKING, ANSWERING PHONES AT COMPANIES LIKE AMAZON! We need that money here, in America, keeping Americans working, instead of sitting around waiting for stimulus checks. Don't let customer service die in America, fight for our financial rights, our jobs, our companies like Amazon and our struggling families.

Amazon, my ice cold frappucinos got warm before I could enjoy them, I told your phone rep, Amazon owes me at least half of it, one ice cold Starbucks bottled Mocha frappucinos, he laughed, so did everyone out in the smoking area of my apartment building, I laughed, and admitted the whole thing was hilarious.

LOL! Then I told him, funny or not, I was dead serious. Dealing with all that screwed me out of my daily coffee and cigar, and that's dangerous ground.

I'm serious Amazon, you owe me one bottled coffee for that joke of a situation, and come June first, when I get paid, I am going to snap that FireStick in half and mail it back to them, WITH a legal and binding bill my coffee.

I ain't laughing no more, coffee and cigars are very important to me. I'm serious Amazon!

User's recommendation: Order your stuff from another company, they all have more or less the same stuff, at the same price point, and excellent delivery. Don't give all your cash to them, demand value for your money, and a good experience when you need help.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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