I was given a couple hundred dollars in gift cards for Amazon.com. I went in to make my purchase and Amazon refused to accept their own gift cards for the items I was was attempting to purchase.

If they are not going to accept their own gift cards on items it should be in bold or something right next to the items not buried someplace in the features of the item.

I chatted with Amazon customer service who did pretty much nothing to assist in the situation other than to tell me the gift card would never expire and that I could make the purchase I was after with my Credit card. I do not use credit cards I buy gift cards to shop online with for security purposes.

I believe once I run the gift card balance out I will no longer be shopping at Amazon since they refuse to take their own gift cards for all items on their site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

Location: Danbury, Connecticut

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I recently also bought gift vouchers and cashed them in to make purchases. The numbers were all accepted as were the purchase orders, but later all trace disappeared and I never received anything.

Contacting Amazon.com on this was a nightmare. I probably need to drive myself to India or Bangladesh into that call center to solve the problem.

One thing is certain, I will never buy on amazon again and recommended to my friends and acquaintances not to do so either.


go to www.bbb.org and file a complaint and they will be forced to explain it to you. I'm sure they don't have any good reason.


They stated that some items cannot be purchased using their gift cards.


They told my Grandson the same B.S. about an Amazon Gift Card he got for his birthday.

Oh no you can't buy anything "Virtual" with the gift card, he wanted to buy some XBox Live points. Amazon is full of S#it! They can take their BS policy and shove it up their ***.

As far as I am concerned, this is nothing but a rip-off. They have lost me as a customer.

John N

So, what was the reason Amazon.com wouldn't accept the card? They must have told you.