Lancaster, California

I have to admit that I was a little surprised when I ordered an item through Amazon and while it wasn't eligible for Prime shipping, to see that the expected shipping time was 17-28 days. Because of this, I opted to pay the additional $15 for shipping in 2-3 days.

Imagine my surprise when the next day, I receive an email informing me that the item is not in stock in US warehouses and because of that, my order was being cancelled.

Imagine my further surprise when I wait another day, and Amazon still hasn't released the hold on the funds that I paid with. Then when I contact Amazon to release the funds, I'm told that I have to contact my credit card company and contest the hold. What?

Then I find about 15 different email addresses (including 2 for Amazon's Executive Customer Relations department and 3 for the CEO) and I send a complaint email. I receive auto-replies back stating that the issue will be resolved within 24 hours. Wouldn't you know it, that the issue is not resolved and I have had no further contact with Amazon or replies to my emails.

Now I don't spend a large amount with Amazon every month, but the volume of my purchases was increasing as I was finding more and more products that I could buy through Amazon. But I guess that since Amazon doesn't really care about one customer, that I will have to show my displeasure by no longer spending my money with Amazon.

Also, while I don't expect Amazon to leave this on their wall, I can make sure that the people that I have contact with know about Amazon's practices.

It will be a very long time before I spend any money with Amazon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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You are this upset about 20 dollars im in the same boat but with 600.00

Just admit it you will continue to order from Amazon you aint fooling no one.


Sessa, you ever heard of empathy? Instead of knocking when something is down why are you posting foolish comments .

. . if your so smart. Any fool can post, but if you are going to spend five minutes on a reply why not be constructive?

I had a pending question. I went to the Amazon board and asked about it. The answer Amazon gave me made perfect sense but unless you ask you don't know.

Not everyone understands how Amazon operates. If Sessa wants to spend their time surfing the net and making callous remarks, your choice, but your not going to be taken seriously as intelligent, try to be more constructive with your time.


Would be great if amazon employees were all on the same page as to the rules of their company

I wanted to purchase a Samsung Galaxy factory unlocked cell phone international version

I wanted to use Amex gift cards and Amex credit card

I was told, "No Problem!"

I am still waiting

I also did mention I was on a time frame and would need to rush the order

I am still waiting

One employee and a manager from Amazon that seemed to help to move the process forward are now... not able to help as it is on hold

American Express has told me the funds are on the gift cards and it should not be a problem

Mr Jeffrey Bezos Founder and CEO of Guess what?

I had a very productive year in 1994 too!

I had Triplets!

I do not think the last manager took me seriously that I would write you an e_mail

Well here it is sir I need your help asap


Sara L

I'm constantly amazed by people who don't seem to actually understand how these things work. Amazon is not "holding" your funds.

When the order was placed they got an authorization on the card, your credit card holds those funds as pending, waiting for the merchant to collect them. Since the merchant won't be collecting, the pending charge will drop off.

Funds are being held by the credit card/bank, NOT Amazon. Good grief, it's not rocket science.