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Update by user Dec 15, 2013

Update- The buyer kept my items and was granted the refund - this is the response I received after fighting this....

Hello from

We understand that you may not agree with this decision, but we have determined that this A-to-z Guarantee claim will remain unchanged. We thank you for your understanding and for selling with

Saranya Reddy

Account Specialist

A-to-z Guarantee Program

##- Now all of my payments take longer because I have had an A-Z claim. My account went from Excellent to Fair. The only way I could even speak on this issue was to respond to the *sshole who wrote the "review/feedback" of the items he kept.

Original review posted by user Nov 15, 2013

A customer messaged me stating they had received an incorrect amount of an item. I looked at my listing and called Amazon customer service.

The amazon rep. and I could not find an issue and just figured buyers remorse. The rep. told me what to say to the customer, as the item was not returnable for sanitary reasons.

Amazon guarantee ***,refunded the item to the customer without telling me and then told them to keep the item!

I am out the shipping cost AND the item. In the real world, that is stealing... Researched this issue and numerous sellers have had this issue...pretty sad. For the last two years I have had 100 percent feedback with excellent rating.

This ONE person dropped me to 72 percent AND they wrote negative feedback after they got their money and kept the item. ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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What Amazon was *** on your head and telling you it's raining?

Shocking :x


Ditto for me, except it was for a Playstation 4. Report these criminals to the Better Business Bureau.

If they get enough similar reports, they'll have to start squeezing Amazon's nuts a little harder. It sure must be nice for buyers to get their money back and get to keep the item. Report this crime of theft to the BBB website. It's easy to file a claim.

Mine took 10 minutes.

Amazon is still putting up a fight, but if enough of us stand up to them through the BBB, it proves that Amazon is codoning theft by these irresponsible and outrageous business practices. Fight 'em!!!


sounds like you should look for the website called pissedseller.