On 7/31/17 I ordered 3 items from Jacked Factory for same day delivery to a Postal Locker address. I checked the package tracking and saw that it wouldn't be delivered until 9pm at which point the locker would be unavailable.

I called Amazon who called Lazership and they explained that they could not deliver to a USPS locker anyway as the adress was not recognized and the attempt was not made. I asked her to change the shipping address to my home address for delivery the next day after 5pm. On 8/1/17 I call Amazon at 6pm to check on the package, The amazon rep calls Lasership and they say it was not attempted due to the address issue. They mention the USPS locker address but yet they have it on file that I requested the shiping address changed...

The Amazon rep mentions cancellng the order and re ordering it manually. I receive my refund from amazon in minutes. On 8/2/17 I receive a call at approximately 11:40pm from the Lasership driver asking me where to drop off the packages. I tell him that the order was cancelled and to take it back.

I call Amazon and have them call Lasership (On hold with Lasership for a considerably long time before initial pickup) and try to explain what happened from day one, and they had no explanation for a) the item not shipping to my home address on Tuesday, and b) The item being attempted on Wednesday after having been cancelled on Tuesday.

It seems like they are a day behind in updating their drivers and causes headaches and confusion for the customers. I did not want to go through the frustration of ordering this product again especially if Lasership will be the shipping company involved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lasership Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $86.

Preferred solution: Fix your communication and operations issues. These issues are going to cost you reputation and business and hurt 3rd party Sellers, Amazon, and Customers alike..

Amazon Pros: Cust service was friendly despite lacking service.

Amazon Cons: Lasershipdid not follow through due to unknown reasons.

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