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Amazon Prime claims to give FREE two day shipping.

If you compare the prices, Amazon charges higher prices for items with Prime shipping. They were forced by a lawsuit to put a notice on their page stating that you may find the product at other sellers for a cheaper price.

So, shipping is not FREE. You just pay more for the product.

I just checked on an order today, which was supposed to be here TODAY. There was a message which says:

"Now expected April 18 - April 19

We're sorry your package is running late

We're working with the carrier to get your package back on track, and we'll let you know when your package is out for delivery.

Please come back Friday if you still don't have it and we'll help you out.

Was expected today by 8PM"

The package is a Prime item with two day shipping. It doesn't arrive on the date specified, and they tell you if it doesn't arrive 3 days late, contact them and they will "HELP YOU OUT".

Thanks AMAZON for being so kind to "HELP ME" if my package comes 3 days later than promised.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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my package is 4 days late and will most likely continue to get later. after being told about 3 times to wait for the package to go through because the 'bank is not taking too long and it *usually* takes a long time for expensive orders to be accepted'.

excuse me what?

I ordered something for 25 dollars the last time I ordered something from amazon and it took 8 days passed the promised delivery date so price has nothing to do with the time frame it takes. prime is just a scam and I am canceling my subscription after this next package comes (I am likely to never use amazon ever again).


Wish I knew this before I let my wife talk me into a Prime subscription. I just (11/18/18) received a "fulfilled by Amazon" purchase from 11/7/18.

The package had been received open and then was delivered to a neighbor about a mile down the road. Supposedly, it was handed directly to me on 11/11.

As far as Amazon is concerned, this never happened. What a slimy bunch.


Yeah same here.....just cancelled that scam called "prime". Ordered a electric skateboard for a my daughters bday.

Ordered prime shipping 2 days, was supposed to be here Tuesday the 17th. The scam this time is now I wont get it until April 25th. So pay, then they ship, then they change the date, now too late to cancel and return until you get the late item....oops bday already over. Scam!

This is happening to half my prime purchases. Just cancelled my prime membership I suggest you do the same.