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For xmas I ordered an old movie for my brother, no big deal, no rush, just a movie we saw as kids back in the 70's (race with the devil with peter fonda) , it gets shipped from amazon via 2day shipping which automatically enrolled me into prime, but I never selected prime or 2 day shipping and wouldnt have for a 30 year old movie. talked to amazon, first rep was indian, kept putting me on mute, then 37 min later I got transferred to a guy who guess what?...said the same thing happened to him, and he works for Amazon, THEY defult shipping and its up th YOU to change it, or check it, and i didn't so they burned me and enrolled me into the 99 dollar prime membership, and with my vitamins they auto shipped the order even when i selected "one time purchase", id change it and it defaulted back to autoship which means i get billed every month, reason?

indian lady said because item is out of stock, so,,,if i order a 900 dollar grill and its out of stock do i get one shipped every month like the vitamins?

SCAM amazon selects shipping when you add to cart automatically, try it, some items are free , others are 5.97 or whatever s/h is but the scam is they sneak in the 2day which automatically enrolls you into prime even though you don't want it, FTC complaint goes out Monday. no wonder this guy has 90 billion dollars, hes a thief...

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is odd. If you, yourself check 2 day shipping, is there a disclaimer saying something like "requires a subscription to Amazon Prime" or similar?

Perhaps you aren't thoroughly reading the conditions of shipping when ordering. Ordinarily, 2 day shipping is only for Prime members.


Exactly. Peoples don't read and they blame other people.

Also, amazon will refund your money if you sign up accidentally. My teenage son did the same thing in error , he called them and was refunded in minutes.