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I was an Amazon Prime Member and had used 7 months of my membership when my Yahoo email account I used for Amazon got breached. I closed my Yahoo email account and tried to update my Amazon account to my new email.

Simple, right? After 7 weeks of online chats, emails and 5 phone calls I finally gave up and closed the Amazon account since not one of the 9 different customer service reps could change the old email address to the new one. I was not given a refund for my Prime membership which I think they should refund since the closing of the account is due to their incompetency.

I cannot receive invoices or order information so the Amazon account is useless to me. I will be recommending to as many people as I can to avoid the Prime "RIP OFF" membership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Amazon Cons: Prime membership.

Location: Bishop, California

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I'm front desk at a business complex and I'm SO over Amazon's (new) delivery service. Their subcontractors aren't remotely interested in delivering to the right place (most business locations have Receiving Departments!).

They've left things in unattended lobbies. Security has found Amazon packages left outside dock doors! They tried to deliver packages that weren't even addressed to our location. I tried to contact a real person at Amazon who cared - Good Luck!

The last few years, I did most of my Christmas shopping online with Amazon. Until they close their sad disaster of using subcontractors to deliver their packages I'm not ordering anything from Amazon.