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Amazon - Disgusting account specialists 3 of 3 people found it helpful
Signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime a year ago, not knowing I would be charged a membership fee at the end. Probably am oversight on my part so I let it go. I KNOW I clicked an option to NOT automatically renew my subscription. But guess what... They did anyway, and overdrafted my checking account. Getting the money from Amazon refunded was easy but now I have overdraft fees to pay. Prime is NOT worth the cost. Their streaming service...
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Beware of this charge from Amazon! I purchased two neck support pillows for $46 and 2-day free shipping. If you buy anything through Amazon and choose the 2-day free shipping, the following month your debt or credit card will be charged for Amazon Prime Membership after 30 days. It's in the fine print that you would never read. Below is the charge on my debt card. AMAZONPRIME MEM ($101.13) Beware of this charge from Amazon! I purchased two...
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I bought some Poison Ivy ointment a month ago. Now I find on my bank statement that the pigs at Amazon illegally charged my debt account $99. I hardly by anything from Amazon and this really burns me. The stuff they say I can get for being on there Prime account is a bunch of fluff and *** services. I hope there is a class action suit for this. I'll never use Amazon again. I will try to go to my bank tomorrow and turn in a report of theft. I...
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Amazon closed my prime account permanently with out notice. The account specialist send extremely rude emails & won't speak to anyone. I have been a prime member for years & this is how they treat customers, disgusting. I gave a family of 5 and can't get a helpful person too answer. I have had too ask numerous times on why & finally ask for my prime money back and they haven't responded. I have never seen a company treat customers...
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