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I am disgusted with my prime membership. I have had four orders that have not arrived in two days.

I order the item, it does not ever ship the same day as I order it. It always ships the following day. So my item ships on a Monday and does not arrive until Wednesday. I count that as three days personally, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....one, two, three.

I have spoken with a manager at customer service and he said he will forward it to the prime people but says that they won't refund my prime because I have used it. Seriously??? I did not know it was bad UNTIL I used it. Duh.

One of my orders with prime was ordered on Thursday and did not arrive until Monday. That is 5 days folks! Their explanation is that the clock does not start until the item ships. Gee so I am paying for 2 day shipping which could actually take the item 7 days to get to me because they did not ship the item until 5 days later yet gee it SHIPPED in two day.

What a sham.

Please do not EVER get prime. It is the biggest waste of money ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

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I also have had lots of issues with Amazon. A year ago I ordered a camera & got it in 2 days on a Sunday.

Almost ever since that everything is late. To me its false advertising. Everything I buy is prime. Its says get it by a certain date which is 2 days.

I just got a email saying it will be 3 days.

That is if i get it even then. It was great when I first joined, but not anymore