Just one video of the many times my door cam has captured of delivery guys throwing packages. Several item have been broken as well.

Ever since I paid for Prime, I have found they do not use typical shipping. They use private services. Amazon, from india, replies with a scripted response! They do not care what so ever.

I have tried over and over to contact someone in the states that will actually speak to me about the situation.

Not one person I spoke to from any numbers I could find, led me to anyone who cares. All they are interested in doing is extending my Prime account.

I think I would be better off not using Prime and going back to the normal shipping to avoid the *** delivery services Amazon uses.

Further, if you check prices from Prime, you will most likely find the item(s) cheaper at your local Target, Walmart or other online stores. Amazon is not as cheap as you may think!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Actually fix your delivery problems!.

Amazon Cons: Terrible delivery service.

Location: Warrenville, IL, USA

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Brittany C

My Amazon packages are typically delivered via USPS, sometimes UPS or FedEx UNLESS it was a same-day or next-day purchase. In order to fulfill those orders they have to use one of their own delivery services.

I haven’t had any bad experiences and I order A LOT from Amazon. It may vary depending on where you live, but if you want to avoid this try to stick with the standard Prime 2-day shipping.


You have just saved me, and several of my siblings and their families, the cost of joining Prime. Thanks!