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I never even looked at Amazon Prime and just found out that I have been billed $79 per year for a service that I do not use and do not want. For 4 years without my knowledge.

All my emails to Amazon bounced back. I went on the site and found a way to cancel it for this year -- but I have been charged for 4 years without my knowledge and I want those years refunded. Reallly.

DEAR AMAZON - are you listening? I have never checked my billing history because I had absolute TRUST for over a decade. Now all that is gone in one email. Now I have wasted an hour on figuring this all since I am so angry.

Contact me with the agreement that you will refund years 2008-2009-2010.

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Just checked my bank account today to discover that a payment was taken for amazon prime of £79.I was furious, went on amazon website for details to contact them to complain .I never even signed up for the service nor did i make the mistake of clicking for the free trial as my partner has and was charged some years ago , so always cautious when purchasing. WHAT a bunch of corporate theiving bastards !

I don't have much money in my account and it could have caused me to be overdrawn then another bunch of corporate theiving bastards would be charging me again.

I now have been told that I have to wait between 5 and 7 working days for refund, duck that's funny it take them that long to get there hands on it. Phrrrrrr


Yep they got me too. Said that, if I used free two day shipping w my order, that I would get Amazon prime for 99/year.

After I clicked the free shipping button, NOWHERE on my billing or order confirmation did any charge appear for $99 showing that I would be billed. Just showed up on my statement a month later. Now, scratching my head here, how is an amount to be charged on your card NOT included on the order confirmation with the item ordered?

Conveniently, you don't get the chance to acknowledge that you've just ordered a $99 subscription bc Amazon goes out of their way to be sure not to remind you of the charge on your order summary. Shame on you Amazon.


I know this thread is a little old, but this just happened to me today. They charged my card $105.93.

Called customer service and they reversed the charges, but it will take 1-3 business days for the credit to be issued. In the meantime, I have a check for rent out there that could have bounced, had I not taken a look at my account today. I've been ordering from Amazon for years. This is a first.

And last!



Yup, same thing happened to me. And the funny thing is, I don't watch videos, own a Kindle or care if that book I just ordered comes in 2 days or two weeks -- so WTF?

Sounds like a job for:


File a complaint with your state's attorney general's office. Lets fight the good fight and stop this predatory charging practice!! If we all rise up in unison and let our regulatory bodies know this injustice is occurring, we actually stand a chance of changing this.


I agree with the other posters who mention the Free trial of Prime. In all Prime includes Prime Instant Videos, Free 2-day Shipping, and a free Kindle e-book per month from the kindle lending library.

You can ALWAYS cancel/edit your Prime membership in "Your Account" then "Manage Prime Membership"

2 clicks. Thats it. Or you can call Customer Service and they will cancel/edit for you.

If you honestly feel that you were wrongly charged, call customer service, say that you had this unexpected/unauthorized charge. They can see if you had the 1month free trial or not and they can offer a refund if one is available.

They can also cancel the membership on the spot and they can pass your feedback about the experience to the appropriate team.


Just found out today that Amazon charged my account for the prime service I never asked for I do not care what people say whether I could not find or did find any small print I did not see or agree to. I called them they withdrew twice once on 10/19/12 and on 10/22/12 and refunded one charge I am now waiting for second refund I had better get it or I am contacting my States Attorney and reporting fraud and will cancel my membership. with Amazon on Monday


Except it isn't a scam. It's just that the world is filled with whiny, entitled, immature people who are unable to take any responsibility for themselves!!!

Free super saver shipping DOESN'T sign you up for Amazon Prime. Therefore, you signed up for the free 30 day trial AND NEVER CANCELLED IT. Your fault, not Amazon's.

Same for everyone else. Grow the *** up.


sessa you may be partially correct, but it is clear that Amazon does not make it easy to cancel Prime. In fact it is missleading, by turning off next day shipping option offered by Prime, it suggests that the service is canceled and it is not. So go *** yourself, hard.


You *** ignorant ***

This is illegal on amazons part . I havent bought from amazon in three years .

Just browsed recentlyand had an account. Well they decidedto charge me for prine . 80 $ wtf. Even if I did click on something accidentally where the f is the confirmation page or even an email...thank you gor signing up...nope nothing.

This is wrong vwhat they are doing.

They hope ppl dont check their credit card statements. Cancelled my service with them trust


What about the fact that in my case, my wife has NEVER been on Amazon at any time ????? We have NEVER been on Amazon to purchase ANYTHING !!!

We were just charged $79 and have incurred $170 of overdraft fees. We have cancelled our card and filed a FRAUD charge with the bank and will pursue with the State's Attorney general.

You are a *** if you think everyone is just whiney !!!


Scammed me too - they took $237 plus £196 from my account without consent or notification over a 3.5 year period. I had no idea what Amazon Prime was until I just happened to pick up on an unusual $ transaction in my credit card statement.

The scam works on the basis that (i) you select free delivery (ii) you are too busy to read through the terms and conditions which, in any case are expected to be reasonable and (iii) Amazon is considered a trustworthy organisation. But it isn't.


When Amazon offers you free shipping for signing up for Prime:

1. Know that the service is useless because they have to bribe you to join.

2. Know that they expect to make 10x the free shipping back from you in charges for Prime.

Amazon is a crook. Reminds me of Bank of America.


I complained back in January about ,3 cases of Charmin megaroll paper,thats 136 rolls they sent me ,plus 5 cordless phone batteries , battery rechargers.Today,I find out they charged me 79.99 for Prime. The deal was that as a new customer you get 30 days free shipping,not pay 79.99.

Called customer no service,through encryption go5t american voice,I was immediately transferred to India ,after sshe realized she was talking to another Amazon sucker. ONLY OPTION= dispute the charges and cancel the card , get new card,they never stop billing

David L

How could you not notice the Amazon Prime logo that shows up on your home screen? What you did (or someone else with access) signed you up for a 30 day free trial and when you did not cancel it it automatically charged you the annual fee. You need to pay attention too ALL your bank and other accounts are RIPE for an identity theft nightmare!!!!