I resent that Amazon.com does not include Amazon Prime as part of Orders.

It was scary and then infuriating when I could not find where I charged $14.06 on January 11, 2019. I have Chase Amazon and had just made an autopay on charges to my Amazon card. I thought I was going to see a $0 balance but instead found that I had charged $14.06 within days after I had paid my bill.

I do not see why Amazon.com cannot include that Amazon Prime charge in Orders. It is sneaky.

If the amount hadn't been so small, I would have thought someone had stolen my card number and was using it. I still thought they were just testing it and if I had not contested it, would have charged more soon.

Why separate the Amazon Prime charge from Order?

I feel they know they are not giving a benefit with Prime. There are many sites that you can buy the same items for the same or less with true free shipping without having to pay a monthly fee for "free" shipping. I don't order enough from any site to justify paying for free shipping.

I do not appreciate that you cannot leave an online review or comment to Amazon.com. They allow you to call or chat with someone who cannot do anything about your complaint. There is no incentive for them to improve when they have someone to tell you they are doing something you can do yourself - stop Amazon Prime charges.

Reason of review: Amazon Prime Charges Hidden.

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My money was refunded. Now, my problem is how did I get an account with pissedconsumer.com and can't cancel it?


No one cares..... Drama 101 for adults who don't read the terms is down the hall...


If you didn't care, you could have continued on your way without comment.