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Do not waste your money ! just another way to get your money shipping everything to the damn post office what happened to UPS ordered several thing all coming different days, so at least four r 5 days stand in line at the post office,what fun !

the movie are not good unless you want to spend more money so tell me again " what a deal" for amazon plus customer service stink because your always talking to someone who doesn't speak good English & listen to about half what you say,Plus they don't want you calling must all be out sourced to other countries. not happy with you service anymore,if I wanted my stuff delivered to the post office I would order from Ebay,this all cost me money & time !

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Amazon Cons: Do not like customer service r shipping.

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If you order alot from Amazon, paying for Prime is a good idea. The only problem is Amazon's insistence now on having the USPS deliver most of their packages and this is where the main problem is.

The post office delivery is slipshod and most of their delivery employees seemingly without common sense nor a willingness to even get out of their vehicle to deliver the package. Today, a Saturday and after our mail had been delivered, I saw the postman drive up to the mailbox and put the package I was expecting in the mailbox. This is after I had walked out three hours prior to get the mail. The postman was just too lazy to drive into the drive and leave it at the door so it wouldn't be sitting in the mailbox all weekend.

And, of course most of these rocket scientists don't know enough to drop packages at the back door, you know, the door most people use instead of an unshoveled front entrance.

They will traipse through snow to the front door, not seeing no one uses it to set a package in the snow at a front door. What a crew!