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Delectables Stew and Bisque for cats. Please see attached photos for the exact same item that is marked up by Amazon

by 4 to 6 times.

Of course their usual corporate move is to attribute this huge pricing discrepancy on their sellers. However common sense dictates that if Amazon approves by carrying this item on their site at this price point, they become first hand accessories to price gouging. It seems that Amazons current way of doing business is under the motto of There is a Sucker Born Every Minute. All this has done for Amazon on their way to

their next Trillion Dollars is warning Amazon customers to look some where else for honest competitive pricing.

Today as a measure of Enough of your BS,Amazon I have cancelled my Prime Membership, with no intention of spending another dollar

on Amazon as a result of the blatant Price Gouging of once loyal customers who single handedly brought them the huge success they are today. If this is Amazons Thank You, I have nothing but contempt for this endlessly greedy Corporation.

User's recommendation: Look Anywhere Else before clicking Place my Order.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

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