I'm having a major issue with my account. Amazon pay has closed my account.

I have no way to login to update my billing information, and for the last 3 months every time I call in they can not put me on the phone with anyone from that department and tell me they will respond in 24-48 hours but no progress has been made.

I have gotten all Amazon payments up to this point with no issues to my same bank account. Nothing has changed.

I'm also a seller and all my inventory and funds are being held. Every thing I have read on Amazons website states I should be able to login and update my billing information but no one will let me submit my billing information.

The bank had our address incorrect, for some reason they used the letter N.

for North in our address which made verification fail. This is a simple fix but Amazon won't allow me to login to update card information or put me InTouch with anyone who can help.

Location: New Port Richey, Florida

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