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If you don't like the item you purchased from Amazon, and it happens to be sold by a foreign seller (Amazon doesn't mention it), you can't return it. We purchased a lamp that happened to be sold by a Chinese seller, who did not apparently have a return address in the U.S. When we tried to return the item, initially this seller (Hurbo) refused to provide a return address and wrote, "I'll give you $10 and you keep the item." For a $100 lamp.

We filed A to Z Amazon guarantee, which was denied. After that claim, seller provided a return address. We sent the item back, took pictures of the parcel, etc. But apparently seller provided an invalid address, just some point on the highway in the middle of nowhere. Here is the return address seller provided:

320 Route10 west

Whippany, NJ 07981

Hanover Industrial Park

USPS had hard time figuring out where to deliver this and finally delivered it to some address. Seller claimed that they never received the item. After sending to Amazon copies of USPS receipt, photos with address and USPS bar codes, etc. Amazon still denied a refund under A to Z guarantee claiming that the item was returned to the wrong address. They chose to ignore photos taken at USPS with bar codes, shipping fee, etc. -- all the evidence we had that we sent back the item at the address provided by the seller.

At this point, not only we lost money on this purchase, we also did not have the item, and paid $15 for the shipping to an non-existent US return address that seller provided. We also lost a combined 8 hours of waiting and talking with Amazon to resolve this matter, and each time they denied the claim, ignored the evidence, and refused to honor A to Z guarantee.

We decided that it was a matter of principle to report this non-acceptable business practices by both Amazon and the seller to the Better Business Bureau.

We submitted all evidence to BBB. Believe it or not, Amazon again denied the claim and chose to ignore the photos that showed USPS bar codes, paid shipping fee, parcel front with the address provided by the seller etc.

Only under pressure from BBB, Amazon refunded $85 we paid for this lamp, and of course did not reimburse us for the shipping fee.

After hearing this story, would you ever trust Amazon A to Z guarantee? They denied this valid claim a total of 6 times, each time having full evidence that the item was shipped back.

We are now super careful buying from Amazon. Any purchase may become final if you don't investigate the seller, even if the item arrives damaged, etc. or you don't like it.

Amazon partners with untrustworthy sellers from China, and does not care about their customers in the U.S. They got too big and too brazen. Buyer beware!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Cons: Amazon does not honor a to z guarantee.

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Same thing here. I bought a rug which wa horrible.

Nothing more than a thin piece of cloth with a rubber backing. Tried to return it. Amazon said it was a seller.

when I contacted them, they basically refused to give me back money. Said to send pictures f the problem - how do you photograph a thin rug Said they would give me 10 % back I kept writing, finally they refunded 90% of my money and I was to keep the rug (its going in garbage.) This also was from a seller with a "US" address that did not exist


Hello I received something from same address 320 route 10 west Hanover that we did not order. It looks like a giant belt used for a machinery.

I called Amazon and they dont have any idea. I searched the address for a number but came up with nothing


Same. I just received a package of 100 Floor protectors you would put on the legs of furniture.

I did not order these, the package came without an invoice.

Was shipped from the 320 rte 10 west whipping NJ address. It doesn’t seem I was charged for them so I’m not going to bother to return them but very strange.


Sound advice about buying on Amazon from foreign sellers.

@Machele Imf

I just experienced the exact same problem withstood different Amazon selling partners, one foreign (Chinese) and a domestic Korean group of bandits that Amazon supported over me and my preponderance of proof submitted. Most recently, April 13,2019, ordered/purchased a "Kemanner" electric mountain bike yet received a highly logo branded ANCHEER model instead that I didn't want, purchase or meet my needs, size or expectations.

Per Amazon policy tried contacting seller, (Kemanner," to no avail then tried to obtain a merchandise return authorization from Amazon who ultimately told me to go ahead and return the bike to the 320 Route 10 West, Whippany, NJ 07981 address which I did only to have their A -to- z Guarantee program department deny my initial claim and appeal. Currently I am out $700 for the bike, $100 for return shipping, have no bike and only costly legal redress against either Amazon or the elusive Chinese seller, Linemart (of Hong Kong).

Thanks Amazon, way to treat a PRIME memebership long time customer! AVOID & BOYCOT AMAZON is my best advice.