Wallkill, New York

I received an invitation for a Amazon Echo for $99. My neighbor also received the same invitation to order the Echo for $99. We are both Prime members. We both placed our orders yesterday, Tuesday (Nov. 25th). My neighbor received an email stating she would receive her Echo (2 days) on Friday. I received an email that I would receive my Echo on Sat.(3 days).

I called Amazon to find out why, as a Prime member, I was not going to receive my Echo in 2 days (Amazon Prime's agreement). The representative rudely told me that I should be happy that I was getting it in 3 days. After several more calls to find out what the problem was, I was told the Echo was out of stock and a delivery was due in that day and I would receive my Echo on Sat. Still not the 2 days that I paid for as a Prime member.

I told that representative that Amazon was breaching the Prime agreement and she could care less.

Well, they seem to care a LITTLE now. I cancelled the order for the Echo and told Amazon that I would not be renewing my Prime membership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Membership.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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if something is out of stock you don't get it in 2 days, right? Relax.


I've submitted and request for an invitation for an Echo. If Amazon fails to offer me an Echo at the $99.00, I will certainly be cancelling my Prime Membership. The message here is loud and clear, not all Prime Members are equal.