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I was selling in the Market Place on Amazon.com and my business was doing VERY well! This is only after 3 months of hard effort on my behalf.

After working out a few problems with my listings, I carefully followed Amazon's guidelines to the tee...

Even to the point of emailing the seller help support to ask if volume licensed software was okay to list prior to listing it... I received the go ahead NO problem, as long as it is NOT downloaded software.

So I listed it...

From this point everything seemed fine. I received feedback from a customer, who gave me a 5 star rating but suggested I list the software he purchased (Roxio Toast 8) as OEM or bulk...since it came in a Roxio factory sealed sleeve only. But is was advertised correctly as USED Acceptable without a retail box, despite it being BRAND new. And was NOT OEM, but I thought why not put BULK in the ad, what would the harm be???

So I reworded the ad just a tad and added the word "bulk" to the ad;

Within minutes my account was closed by Amazon, my 100+ listing removed and I was quoted "We took this action because it has come to our attention that you may be selling software that is unauthorized or not-for-resale. As per our

policies, only full retail versions of software may be sold through Amazon.com. Recopied, OEM, academic, promotional, Volume licensed

(Bulk), beta, NFR, back-up, and freeware & shareware versions of software are prohibited."

Well, notice where BULK is in the reply I received...next to volume licensing!

I wanted to included the email that Amazon sent me okaying my volume licensed software too:

> From: "Amazon.com Customer Service"

> Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 19:30:06 -0800 (PST)

> Subject: Your Amazon.com Inquiry


> Greetings,


> I have just reviewed your message to us concerning the product in

> which you wish to sell on our web site.


> Please know that you would be able to list volume license software on

> our web site, as long as it is tangible software. However, please

> take note that it can only be listed as long as it is not a download.


> I hope this information was able to assist you.



> Please let us know if this e-mail resolved your question:


> If yes, click here:

> http://www.amazon.com/rsvp-y?c=yhhegrba3297449697

> If not, click here:

> http://www.amazon.com/rsvp-n?c=yhhegrba3297449697&q=h3p2&nc2c=1


> If you have additional questions not related to your original message,

> please click here:


> https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/contact-us/seller-support.html/


> Please note: this e-mail was sent from an address that cannot accept

> incoming e-mail.



> Best regards,


> Jennifer S.

> http://www.amazon.com

> Amazon.com Seller Support

> ==============================

> Check your orders and more: http://www.amazon.com/seller-account


Damage Resulting = As a result of this, I now have lost all of my income and have over $75,000 worth of merchandise sitting here... I was selling 5,000-15,000 a month... And they won't allow me to sell on the site...

I did try again and they kicked me off again.

They are not willing to reconsider me, and they won't even admit they may have some of the blame on this!

Store Location: Challis, Idaho

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They seem to have this pattern. I had lower prices beating other sellers and wham im thrown out now they say they will pay me